Michelle McCullar Joins List of Contributing Authors for Upcoming Multi-Author Book Focused on Women’s Health and Wellness

Michelle McCullar will contribute a chapter to the upcoming multi-author book, “Top Professionals Give Expert Advice on Women’s Health and Wellness: The Unique Challenges Middle Aged Women Face & How to Make Them Your Best Years.”

Chief Empowerment Officer Michelle McCullar of Arcadia, Calif. will act as an expert contributor to the upcoming multi-author book, “Top Professionals Give Expert Advice on Women’s Health and Wellness: The Unique Challenges Middle Aged Women Face & How to Make Them Your Best Years.”

The book is the latest project from Los Angeles-based media strategist Lisa Williams. Williams and her co-author Glenda Clare, Ph.D. will be joined by a select group of female experts and coaches, each of whom will lend their advice and expertise in one of the book’s chapters.

McCullar is affectionately known as a “heart whisperer” because of her ability to see beyond the veil that separates women from their truest self in order to help them live authentic lives. For this reason, Williams and Clare picked McCullar to speak to their readers in a chapter called, “The Woman That Says: ‘How Did Everything Get So Hard?’ — The Crisis Of The Soul.” McCullar can’t wait to get started, and said, “As my passion is helping women to live authentic and fulfilling lives, regardless of age or circumstances, I love the idea of this project. It’s our time to thrive, and I believe this project will help to spread the word about what’s truly possible for today’s women. Yay to Lisa and her team for making this possible.”

The book is a multi-author project that will be facilitated and published by Lisa Williams and her company, Authority Book Consulting, LP. Williams and Clare are thrilled to have McCullar join the project. Williams said, “Michelle McCullar covers a very valuable topic, and will bring a much needed perspective to this book. Any woman can relate to ‘How Did Everything Get So Hard?’ and Michelle’s eagerness to contribute will be a great asset for our readers.”

Lisa Williams is a leading force in the publication of multi-author books, and she is an expert at helping clients gain authority in their fields through media appearances and by publishing books. She recently founded Authority Book Consulting, LP, a company that facilitates and publishes books that not only helps clients to be published and establish authority in their field, but that also bring value to readers who are exposed to multiple perspectives.

The book will be released on Amazon.com in mid-December 2015. 

About Michelle McCullar

Michelle McCullar is a teacher, student, entrepreneur, visionary and leader. She currently serves as chief empowerment officer for Women’s Wholeness Connection, and she brings a unique perspective to this role. In a former life, McCullar was a NASA rocket scientist, and she understands the challenges women face in today’s corporate and entrepreneurial environment. Her focus is on those who have successful lives on the outside, but who are miserable on the inside. She is an expert at breaking through the barriers that prevent women from living their authentic selves by helping them live lives that are personally, professionally and spiritually aligned — so they purposely, passionately and prosperously make the differences they are here to make, by doing what they love to do.

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