Lauren Paparone Signs on as a Contributing Author for an Upcoming Multi-Author Book Focused on Women’s Health and Wellness

Lauren Paparone will contribute a chapter to the upcoming multi-author book, “Top Professionals Give Expert Advice on Women’s Health and Wellness: The Unique Challenges Middle Aged Women Face & How to Make Them Your Best Years.”

Life and business coach Lauren Paparone of Wake Forest, N.C. will be included among the contributing authors for the upcoming multi-author interview book, “Top Professionals Give Expert Advice on Women’s Health and Wellness: The Unique Challenges Middle Aged Women Face & How to Make Them Your Best Years.”

Paparone was approached by the book’s co-authors, Lisa Williams and Glenda Clare, Ph.D. for her unique insight into what it takes for women to succeed and achieve their life goals after the age of 40. Paparone will be one of several authors who will contribute to the book and offer her expert advice in one of the book’s chapters. Paparone will contribute to the chapter titled, “I’m Stuck! Help Me Please!” and as that title suggests, Paparone will discuss how women can move forward when they find themselves frozen along their life journey.

Paparone had this to say about her contribution to the upcoming book, “It is an honor to be part of this project to help guide women along their journey to complete mind-body-spirit health. My truest passion is empowering others to reach their goals and to bask in the oasis of success that exists and belongs to each of us here on Earth.” 

The book is a multi-author project that will be facilitated by Williams and Clare. Lisa Williams is a media strategist and founder of Authority Book Consulting, LP, the book’s publisher. Glenda Clare, Ph.D. will serve as lead co-author, and was chosen for her expertise in the fields of public health and behavioral health. When announcing the addition of Paparone as a contributing author, Williams said, “I am very excited that Lauren Paparone has decided to join this effort. Her work in helping women achieve success in all aspects of their personal and professional life is beyond compare and now, she will bring her insight and best advice to women worldwide.”

Multi-author books are becoming more common in the publishing world, and Lisa Williams is leading the way in publishing this type of book. She helps professionals to establish greater expertise and authority in their field while, at the same time, providing an important resource for the reader. According to Williams, this book will feature expert advice on various issues that women face on a daily basis. Each chapter will offer advice and strategies from a different contributing author who will share their thoughts on how women can deal with and overcome any challenging experience so that they can move forward and lead balanced, healthy lives. Williams will facilitate the book by interviewing her co-authors about their specific topics and will draft the book’s chapters from those interviews.

About Lauren Paparone

Lauren Paparone is a transformational life and business coach and founder of Personal Empowerment, Inc. Paparone uses a holistic approach to help clients progress along their journey. She delivers the tools and systems they need in order to prioritize what is important, balance their lives, reduce stress and manage their life and business goals so they will ultimately be more successful in their career and life. She often tells her clients, “Coaching is about holding a person accountable while revealing their abilities and strengths. Balance is achieved as we strengthen and enhance the mind, body and spirit — so we can rekindle the happier, joyful and more fulfilled life we all deserve!” 

The book will be released on in mid-December 2015. 

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