Brock Cannon Shares the Switchback Approach to Painlessly Achieve All of Your Goals

Author and elite ultra-endurance mountain bike racer Brock Cannon has created a unique approach which allows anyone to painlessly achieve all the goals they set for themselves.

The process is broken down into four easy steps. Find out how to transform any career, love life, and financial situation with what Brock calls “The Switchback Approach.”

1. Identify what to change: When it comes to the Switchback Approach, people want to achieve different things. The first step is getting clarity and identifying what exactly needs to change. Someone can’t realize his goals if he doesn’t know what they are; take some time to identify aspects of life that needs to be improved!

2. Take “stupid small” steps: Although the Switchback Approach might sound complicated, it’s not. In fact, taking small steps to realize goals is a lot easier than anyone thinks. They need to visualize the steps to take to make dreams become reality. This is done by simplifying the actions and behaviors that will get to where they want to be. Make the first step easy-to-achieve and start small. Don’t run before learning to walk; realize that one can have the power to do anything they want to if it’s in grasp.

3. Don’t overcomplicate things (have fun!): Depending on the goals, every one probably has a lot to achieve. For example, they might wish to lose weight or finish a course. How to get there is up to them – just don’t overcomplicate the process! In fact, one should be having fun along the way. Yes, it’s an old cliché, but enjoy the ride! If someone has an upcoming exam to pass to further his career, he should study with a friend and don’t be too hard on himself. Once it’s all over, reward is best for all the hard work put in.

4. Continue until it becomes a habit: Anyone might feel like the future is full of obstacles that will get in the way and prevent them from achieving their goals. But don’t give up! Track progress and give rewards every time a step is completed. It might be hard at first, but soon enough these created habits will come as second-nature to anyone. Want to be the first one in the library to get more study time in? Yes, waking up at five a.m. might not sound like much fun, but soon leaping out of bed without even thinking about it will just be easy. The Switchback Approach is a step-by-step guide for those who need help achieving their goals and want to do so with the least amount of pain.

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