Too Much Snoring and Sleep Apnea Can Escalate Risk of Death

According to a recent result of a study, moderate to extreme sleep apnea can escalate the risk of death for middle-aged adults, particularly men. The new findings have the firmest evidence to support their statement. Overall, the study participants with extreme sleep apnea are 46% at risk compared to those who do not have such disorder. Particularly, men aged between 40 and 70 years old with extreme sleep apnea are twice more likely to die than those who don’t.

Frequent, too much snoring can be a sign of sleep apnea.  Sleep apnea is one of today’s common disorders which happen when the throat’s back muscle of a person relaxes. Once the upper airway narrows during sleep, this causes a person’s breathing to be difficult or wholly blocked. Other studies have also associated unattended sleep apnea with obesity, diabetes and overweight. Aside from that, untreated sleep apnea can worsen due to excessive daytime sleepiness which reduces performance at school and in the workplace and thus, increases the risk of unfortunate injuries and death from drowsy driving and other similar accidents.

In the US, over 12 million adult people are believed to have sleep apnea. This is an alarming number that should be addressed right away. Treatments to regain regular breathing while at sleep include mouthpieces, lifestyle changes, surgery, and breathing devices like CPAP or continuous positive airway pressure. Such treatments are useful to help reduce the extremity of the symptoms, therefore improving sleep-related quality of performance.

Even though sleep apnea is treatable, it commonly comes unrecognized which can make it worse over time. This is why is it vital to recognize and treat the symptoms right away. Snorebore is one provider of anti-snoring devices such as pillows and mouthpieces. Their mouthpieces in particular are designed to make persons positive with sleep apnea to feel better and improve their quality of breathing.

According to Snorebore’s executive John Collins, sleep apnea and snoring are now very big issues especially with the obesity problem they currently have in their country that is why it is very important for people to get this sorted by contacting their local snoring clinic or even ordering an anti-snoring device.

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