Ohio Development Services Agency Helping Communities Transform Abandoned Gas Station Sites Into Usable Space

12/17/2015 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Partners Environmental can assist local governments in securing lucrative Abandoned Gas Station Cleanup Grants

The Ohio Development Services Agency (ODSA), in partnership with the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Department of Commerce and the Bureau of Underground Storage Tank Regulations (BUSTR) announced that they will be offering Abandoned Gas Station Cleanup Grants to qualifying communities. These Grants will provide funding to assess and clean up BUSTR “Class C” sites.

Dan B. Brown, President of Partners Environmental, is excited about the opportunity this initiative presents. “Local governments have seen the potential these abandoned properties hold. These eyesores – many of which have been sitting idle for decades — can now be transformed into beautiful public green spaces and parks and community entry ways or can be used for green infrastructure projects. They can even be sold to adjacent businesses that want to expand their properties or to bring new development to the community.”

Partners Environmental – More Than 1,000 Gas Station Sites Transformed
Partners Environmental has deep experience helping communities address their abandoned gas station problem. “Over our collective careers, the leadership at Partners has worked on  more than 1,000 former or operating gas station sites across the country,” Mr. Brown says. With its expertise in conducting assessments and remediation, and its fluency with BUSTR regulations, the firm can offer city governments a turnkey program that maximizes grant dollars and minimizes delays.  “The determination of Class C status can be a chore for officials who don’t deal with it every day,” adds Mr. Brown, “but Partners Environmental understands the process and can support communities that are unsure of how it works.”
Partners Environmental — $30,000,000 in Grant Money Secured
Partners Environmental has a strong track record of success in securing grant money for its clients.  In recent years, they have supported their clients in obtaining over $30,000,000 in various grants for environmental projects.   “These are competitive bids,” Mr. Brown states. “Not every community is awarded money. So, you have to make a compelling case as to why your community deserves the funds.” Partners Environmental’s strategy of using detailed assessment data and developing a solid remediation plan has helped its clients stand out in other application processes and secure millions in grants. 

Partners Environmental – Your resource for information.
To learn more about The Abandoned Gas Station Cleanup Grants, BUSTR and Partners Environmental, please consult the following websites.

Ohio Developmental Services Agency: http://development.ohio.gov
BUSTR : http://www.com.ohio.gov/documents/fire_OpTrainClassFAQ.pdf
Partners Environmental: http://www.partnersenv.com

About Partners Environmental
• Based in N.E. Ohio, with national capabilities 
• Due diligence, surveying, engineering, brownfields, remediation, compliance, safety and litigation support
 • Over $30,000,000 in grant funds secured
 • More than 1,000 gas station sites addressed. 

About The Abandoned Gas Station Cleanup Grants
• Up to $500,000 in funds available to qualifying communities, per site
• Bids accepted starting January 2016
• Designated for the assessment and clean up of Class C sites (underground storage tanks with documented petroleum releases)

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