NEW YORK, NY – 12/17/2015 —  What you write about yourself must be as memorable as your logo. But when you look for words to create an image and an indelible brand, it is hard to know where to begin.

Suddenly a task that seems so simple, describing what you do becomes daunting. With the right strategy, it need not be. Creating your image through words is a bit like an interview; accentuate the positives but also be clear about what you do not do. Think about what makes a logo iconic? Is it simple and is it unique.? The same traits that apply to creating your symbol visually apply when using words. It can be hard to capture in writing. Writing about ourselves is hard, whether we are starting a new business or continuing in the same industry, describing what we do has a tendency to make us self conscious.

We fear making fools of ourselves – being called a fraud or worse yet a failure. Put self doubt aside for a moment, and write from the heart. Often the things we take for granted about ourselves are things people value most. For example, I am great at organizing. I never give a second thought to my ease at finding order, but those around me praise it. The most important thing when writing about what you do is to be authentic. A professional writer can streamline the process from a an objective standpoint.

Readers want to get to know you, understand exactly what it is you do and be excited about it. This does not happen when we are stiff. So don’t use a passive voice and this is not the place to list your credentials and drop names. It is the place to write about what you love to do and why you love to do it. Let people get as passionate about what you do as you are. People need to get a feel for your personality.

It’s one thing to be good at what you do and another to know whether your personality is a good match for a prospective client. So reveal a few quirky things about yourself. So now you are wondering what distinguishes an image in words from a biography or a brief blurb you see on the about page of a website. Well, it is happening now – from the first line you are drawn in and want to know more about the product or service being offered. From there, you understand how it is better than the rest, but not just factually, but perceptually. By this I mean you clearly understand how it fits your personality. And this is where honesty is key.

As a solopreneur, sure you want people to notice you, but what you really want to attract are those who are right for you. By this I mean personality brand alignment – sort of like the laws of attraction – it is the right mix of quality, service and style that makes the perfect match between you and a customer.

I have been writing for years, my love for words started long before I received my degree in English, and recently I discovered my niche for using words to brand and create social images for company’s and solopreneurs. Having transitioned myself, I know what it takes to develop a marketable presence. And that is what I do with words, make that potential alignment come alive for you. For Media Inquires or article requests Jane can be contacted below.

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