Landmark Partnership Will Bring First-of-its-Kind LGBTQ Imprint “RainbowKidz” to Young Readers on an Unprecedented Scale

NEW YORK, NY – 12/17/2015 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Emmy Award-winning Don Hoffman, a veteran children’s author whose 24 books have sold more than two million copies, is thrilled to announce the new partnership between his Peek-A-Boo Publishing Group (PABPG) and Chicago’s Independent Publisher’s Group (IPG), the original and  largest independent book distributor in the United States.

Taking effect on January 1, 2016, the partnership will provide distribution for ten of Peek-A-Boo’s groundbreaking children’s titles through IPG’s extensive network—in hardcover, softcover, and ebook formats. Says Hoffman of the deal, “IPG is a pioneer in the world of independent publishing, and has spent the last 45 years bringing us stories that would otherwise remain untold. At Peek-A-Boo we share a passion for telling the stories that no one else will, and we are truly honored to be joining forces with them on this landmark project.”

Founded by Hoffman in 2015, Peek-A-Boo is an exciting new approach to children’s publishing, focusing on producing works that tell enduring tales and celebrate diversity. Among its imprints are Peek-A-Boo, for children 0–4, See-Saw Publishing, for young readers 4–8, and RainbowKidz, a revolutionary imprint dedicated to telling loving and affirming stories that highlight gay and lesbian families.

The first imprint of its kind, RainbowKidz focuses on stories for children up to age 10 (expanding soon to teens) who are impacted by or part of the LGBTQ community. At a time when the U.S. Supreme Court has recently ruled gay marriage legal in the United States, gay issues have taken on widespread importance. “Young children impacted by this trend—because they live in gay households, have friends and family in the gay community, or themselves may become gay adults—need reading that reinforces how ‘being gay is okay,’” says Hoffman, who is himself openly gay.

As the original independent book distributor in the US, IPG has been providing helping authors reach a wider audience since 1971. Today, with more sales channels than any other distributor, IPG continues to give its authors a direct line to millions of readers. “We are proud to welcome the Peek-A-Boo team to our stable of creators,” says IPG CEO Curt Matthews. “Don Hoffman and company are telling the type of stories that today’s children need to hear, and we cannot wait to help spread his vital message to more readers than ever before.”

The initial titles to be released through the partnership are:

Find Your Music

(Peek-A-Boo Publishing), a story of Little Roy G. Biv, whose name stands for the colors of the rainbow, doesn’t have a talent for playing a musical instrument. However, his dancing and love for music show that he has a gift for rhythm, so the Rainbow band gives him a shiny silver whistle and golden baton and ask him to lead the band! Find Your Music exposes children to colors, musical instruments, and especially the powers of persistence and creative thinking.
Available April 1st 2016 ((978-1-943154-04-3)

Turbo & Tuxedo

(RainbowKidz Publishing), a story about a lovable bulldog with a huge heart, is the first book under PABPG’s LGBTQ imprint. One day, Turbo hears a special bark in the distance and he starts dreaming of finding a friend. In Turbo and Tuxedo, delightful watercolors bring each imaginative scene to life. The story teaches children about the value of friendship, patience, and hope, as well as the calendar months and their seasonal differences.
Available May 1st 2016 (978-1-943154-06-7)

Chizi’s Tale

(See-Saw Publishing), a heart-warming tale of Colin, the manager of a local national park in Zimbabwe, who rescues a baby black rhino after its abandoned by its mother. Colin takes the baby home where his own children feed him with a bottle and name him Chizi. Based on a true story, Chizi’s Tale teaches that all of us can, and should, show mercy and compassion. 100% of the author’s proceeds will go to Tusk, an organization working to protect African wildlife.
Available June 1st 2016 (978-1-943154-00-5)

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