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LOS ANGELES, CA – 12/17/2015 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — For members of elite dating and matchmaking service SEI Club, the value in their membership comes from finding high quality romantic partners, often leading to long-term relationships or even marriage.

According to SEI Club reviews, whether members are looking to meet and date without pressure, or if they are at that pivotal point where they just want to settle down, the process of meeting like-minded “matches” and dating through the club is highly regarded as easy and enjoyable.

One member who clearly met his ideal life partner, shared his story of meeting her through SEI Club and then having a child with her:

“Emma and I met through SEI Club about a year and a half ago, and now we are the proud parents of Stacey,” he wrote. “As I held my baby in my hands, all those moments that Emma and I spent dating and having a blast after meeting through SEI Club, came alive before my eyes. The continual support of the SEI Club team to make everything possible for us surely deserves our heartfelt gratitude.”

According to a club spokesperson, such success stories are indeed common.  The spokesperson stated that they happen for SEI Club members in part because of the extensive application and screening process.

“We meet with each membership applicant in person we really get to know a person’s preferences and style before offering him or her a single match,” the spokesperson said. “This ensures that every introduction we offer has the potential to be something really special, maybe even a lifelong relationship when that’s what both people are actively looking for.”

The club screens applicants for success, accomplishment, education, positive values, and more, and of course  asks questions about dating preferences and relationship goals. That process makes it possible to match compatible people. Interestingly, they also screen for positive principles and general optimism.

Says an SEI Club spokesperson, “Part of being a success in life and, more importantly, in relationships, includes seeing things from a brighter perspective that is balanced and constructive. These are traits that all admitted SEI Club member embody naturally…they truly are the very best, highest quality people to begin any relationship with. When it comes to enjoying life and making the most of it, they are able to celebrate life and love in a beautiful way.”

Apparently the SEI Club screening and matching methods work. In a recent review, another member mentioned that he just wanted to declare from the rooftops that he’s soon marrying the woman he met through SEI Club.

And yet another satisfied member talks about how the club is amazing and she’s in love with the man they introduced her to. When combing through SEI Club reviews there is no shortage of success stories. The feedback is almost exclusively positive.

Says an SEI Club spokesperson, “Being exclusive ensures that each and every member is truly a high quality, elite, evolved person who has the potential to be the better half of an absolutely amazing relationship. An exclusive club is only as great as its least desirable worst member – so we make sure that everyone is a true fit before moving forward with active membership. ”

Indeed, between 20-35% of applicants are admitted; making it by far the most difficult matchmaking and dating club to join. If you can get in, more power to you.

More information, including recent SEI Club reviews, is available at the SEI Club website.

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