New Licensed Super-Agent Signs High-Profile Client

**Erin J. Morgart’s First Order of Official Business**

Celebrity Super-Agent Erin J. Morgart has taken the industry by storm once again by using her world profound connections to land her newly signed client Wholey Smoke (aka Albert Dixon).

Albert Dixon is the creator of Wholey Smoke Gourmet BBQ Sauce and is getting ready to launch a worldwide campaign under the tutelage of California Licensed Talent Agent Erin J. Morgart. Erin, in conjunction with her new business partner Davon Brown of COAMG Distribution have been instrumental in helping Albert develop attention for his own brand.

“I’ve been going strong in this business for over 20 years promoting my special recipes. When I finally decided to take my brand to the elite level, I know there was only one person I trusted to make my vision a reality.” Albert knew this was the right path for him and his future success.

The first order of business is a feature article in Food and Beverage Magazine! This magazine is the epitome of class and is looked at as a prime piece of journalism throughout the news community. Its cover has been graced by the likes of Vince Neil (Motley Crew), Chef Brian Massie, Cat Cora and Willie Robertson (Duck Dynasty) over the years as it continues to attract top notch celebrities.

As an Executive Producer of an upcoming Documentary and Motion picture, Erin always has an open ear to the pulse of everyday media. Grabbing the headlines of a Well-Respected, National Magazine is just the exciting end of a productive day on this agents’ daily portfolio. Staying in control of your own ambition, as well as maintaining a profound respect within the industry is an accomplishment in itself.

Erin sets the standard wherever she goes and consistently exceeds her own excellence. Now it’s time to bring this unparalleled work ethic to the spotlight and use her services to create the next star!

About Erin J. Morgart

Erin J. Morgart is an Entrepreneur and Renaissance Woman who has GOALS.   She is a Certified Personal Trainer (Military Active Duty/Spinning/CrossFit/Pilates/Zumba/TRX), an Executive Producer, Actor and member of Mensa who speaks four languages and enjoys playing classical violin.  Starting young in the theater community, she had her first speaking role at the age of five.  Learning the craft of acting, singing, makeup and costumes, Erin’s love for the theater and the art of expression and physicality and athleticism has never dwindled.  Majoring in Psychology and Sports Medicine, with degrees from The Citadel and Harvard Medical School CME, Erin’s passion for the human psyche and aesthetic beauty has been intertwined into what she is currently working on now:  Costar in a new Docudrama still in postproduction; Executive Producer for a Documentary based on the life of Christopher Michael Langan filming mid-November 2015; Executive Producer and Actor for the Motion Picture “Sayyan” in Pre-production;  CEO of Hadassah Group, a multifaceted company based out of Los Angeles which represents distribution, representation, media and all points of the Media and TV/Motion Picture and Film Industry; Published Fitness modeling for various publications; and partnering with an LA-based Management Group to form a mammoth conglomerate company able to produce, represent and distribute Motion Pictures, Television, and Music both domestically and internationally.

Follow Erin’s adventures at Twitter @erinjmorgart; Facebook @Erin J Morgart; Instagram @erinjmorgart; Periscope @Erin J. Morgart; or LinkedIn @Erin J. Morgart.  

Contact: Tony Cutillo, Publicist
(813) 792-2181

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Contact Person: Tony Cutillo, Publicist
Phone: (813) 792-2181
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