Get up One Hour late in The Morning with Airwheel Z3 Portable electric hoverboard

Generally speaking, young office workers are not willing to get up on time especially in the morning of winter, but for not being late, they have to get up. However, Z3 two-wheeled electric scooter can allow them to sleep one more hour.

Increasingly, science is showing that sleep is a basic building block for sustaining life and that sleep, like digestion, respiration and meaningful relationships, is one of the most important processes for the human body. During sleep the body heals, grows, and replenishes itself so that people can thrive with abundant, vibrant lives. Sleep is so important for us. And most people want to sleep in, or to get up an hour late that could be a great favor to them. Luckily, the portable electric scooter Z3 can do it for you because it can save lots of time on the way to the work. Adequate sleep is vital to start an efficient workday. Let’s have a Z3 to get more sleep in the morning.

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Why do most office workers can’t get up one hour late? It’s because that it takes them an amount of time on the way to the office since the traffic is always heavy. Although Department of Transportation promises to take measures to cope with it, the current situation is not improved. If riding Z3 electric hoverboard for the work, they can get rid of the traffic jams. Z3 fitted with two 8-inch tires is powered by replaceable battery pack. The operating arm is adjustable with a height adjustment lock. Riders with the height in the range 1.5m-2.1m are suitable to ride it.

However, the importance is that it can be folded into a smaller one for easy carry. The operating arm can be shortened to 82cm, and it can be folded for a folding torsion-spring connecting it with the foot rests. Moreover, the two foot rests are foldable. Hence, when the rider gets trapped in the congestion, he can fold Z3 self-balancing electric scooter into a portable one and walk out of the traffic stream. Then step on the sidewalk to go on the ride heading to the office. That’s an effective way to ride Z3 for the work in order to sleep one more hour. 

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