The Warning – The Indie Horror Movie That Leaves Audiences With Nightmares Receives Five Star Ratings

Summer Moore, who has written numerous screenplays, has released a new horror film that brings people nightmares even when they are awake. The Warning is an Indie film that was written and stars Summer Moore. For people who do not mind going to bed with the lights on after watching one of the most talked about indie horror films of 2015, can watch The Warning on iTunes and Google Play stores.

Actress and writer Summer Moore has received rave reviews for her latest acting role as a TV journalist in the new horror film The Warning. The film that was written by Summer centers around Manitou Springs, and the urban legends, rumors, and the creepy going-on in the 80s and 90s that left some people to afraid to go out after dark.

According to Talk show host Geraldo Rivera, the town is the devil worshipping capital of the world, and now thanks to the film and Summer Moore, the audience can feel the same fear that residents felt every time they heard a strange noise that was unexplained.

The Warning, which has been compared to the Blaire Witch Project, has been called one of the scariest horror films of recent times. It follows Summer’s character as she investigate if the scary stories of the 80s and 90s in Manitou are true. The chilling film, which has received five-star reviews and has been blamed for leaving people with nightmares finds out why people were so scared to leave their homes alone after dark in Manitou.

Moore who grew up in Manitou and who said this movie is her most proud accomplishment to date said she experienced some very frightening things when she was growing up in the town that still sends shivers down resident’s spines. 

“I found two severed dog heads in the middle of the road,” she said. “I flipped out. During that time, there was weird stuff going around Colorado Springs, but they said Manitou was the centralized place.”

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About The Warning: The Warning is a 91-minute film that was written by Summer Moore. It looks at the strange goings on around Manitou Springs and finds out why people were scared to go out after dark.

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