Resonance of Jiva\’s Mission in Russia

New Delhi: 1st Congress on Traditional Medicine of the SCO, BRICS and EAU Countries was held in Russia on 7th and 8th Dec. This program was organized by the Russian Professional Medical Association of Traditional and Folk Medicine, the National Medical Chamber, and Expocentre ZAO, with the support of the Russian State Duma Committee on Health Care.

In the opening ceremony of this two-day conference, Mr. Vladimir Egorov, Chairman of the Congresses Organizing Committee and President of the Russian Professional Medical Association of Traditional and Folk Medicine, highlighted the aim of this conference was to look at how conventional medicine and wellness practices could help restore health standards and optimum quality of life.  Chinese Ambassador to the Russian Federation Mr. Li Hui also addressed the meeting. He said that the congress would be an excellent platform to facilitate contact and cooperation in the field of traditional medicine. He hoped the conference would benefit “the people of the SCO, BRICS, and EAU countries”.

The conference was attended by a large number of people, who shared their thoughts and opinions on spreading traditional system of medicine. On this occasion Dr. Partap Chauhan, Director, Jiva Ayurveda, gave an insightful presentation on the “Use of Technology in Spreading Ayurveda Globally”.

Dr. Chauhan who has been instrumental in setting up the world’s first and largest Ayurvedic TeleMedicine facility in India emphasized the need to spread education of Ayurveda among the common man. He said that Ayurveda would play a major role in providing healthcare to the entire world. Dr. Chauhan explained that the growing number of people suffering from lifestyle disorders and chronic degenerative diseases could be controlled and treated using Ayurvedic system of treatment and medicine. Jiva Ayurveda also signed an MoU with the National Ayurvedic Medical Association of Russia to collaborate in the field of Ayurvedic education and research.

For last two decades, Dr. Chauhan has been wholeheartedly dedicated to realising the vision of bringing Ayurveda to every home. As an eminent Ayurvedic physician, teacher, author, and thinker, he has gained recognition for his work nationally and internationally. He is active on television, the Internet, and social media to extend Ayurvedic help and guidance to one and all. The tele medicine centre (TMC) operated by Jiva Ayurveda is catering to thousands of patients on a daily basis to fulfil this mission.

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