Next Move for Airwheel Technology, Cooperating with Internet Companies

Airwheel Technology has foreseen the breakthrough point in its further development. The latest trend of development of Airwheel Technology is to cooperate with Internet companies and provide more intelligent services, to cope with market homogenization.

Airwheel Technology is founded by a group of young intellectuals with dreams. The company has recruited the most experienced designers and managerial staffs to create one miracle after another. The team which has gathered a group of elites foresees the breakthrough point in its further development. As the technology of intelligent electric hoverboard is getting mature, deepening the intelligent services should be the next move for the company. The development of Airwheel Technology is not merely to make profits, but to provide convenient services for people.

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Airwheel Technology has swept the world with diversified products and constantly technological breakthrough. By improving and enhancing the products, it creates products with the best user experience. Airwheel electric self-balancing scooters which could be functioned as commuting vehicles, fitness equipments and recreational tools have been widely received by people all around the world. The latest trend of development of Airwheel Technology is to cooperate with Internet companies and provide more services online. It is now focusing on developing customized app for each of its products.

When people think of future transport vehicles, they should not only relate them with efficiency and speed. They should also relate them with more convenient services, like leisure and entertainment, social networking service, customization, remote control and emergency services. These are what the future trip mode should provide. Since the two-wheeled electric scooter A3 was launched, Airwheel has equipped all its later products with a customized app, including S6, Z3 and M3. Currently, the app has functions as collecting data, showing wheeling path, burglar alarming and vehicle positioning. Users can get basic information, like battery dump energy, running mileage and settings on the app over the phone. Maybe in the near future, users can do more with their phones, as Airwheel Technology further develops the app and cooperates with Internet companies. 

By deeply integrating intelligent self-balancing scooters with the Internet and combining virtual and real economies, Airwheel technology seeks changes and revolution. Maybe this is also the future trend for the whole intelligent self-balancing scooter industry.

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