Rabbit TV “Give One, Get One” Offer Rescues Last Minute Holiday Shoppers

As Christmas approaches, FreeCast further sweetens the pot for their already easy and affordable gift for all.

Perennially popular, having sold over 4 million subscriptions already, FreeCast’s Rabbit TV Plus has emerged as one of the hottest gifts this holiday season. Costing just $10 per year, available both online and in over 35,000 retail stores nationwide, it makes the perfect small gift or stocking stuffer for anyone of any age. Rabbit TV has proven especially popular among last-minute shoppers in search of a gift for an unexpected guest or anyone they might have forgotten, since it can be purchased instantly online without requiring a trip to a crowded store or a prayer that it ships in time to arrive before Christmas. Now as we enter the final week before Christmas, FreeCast is sweetening the deal for anyone considering Rabbit TV, with a “give one, get one” offer.

For the same $10 price, holiday shoppers can purchase Rabbit TV as a gift, with options for the recipient to redeem a one-year subscription available to be sent electronically or as a printable certificate with an access code. In addition to the gift, they’ll also receive a second one-year subscription to Rabbit TV Plus for themselves. While it’s better to give than to receive, FreeCast is suggesting to its potential customers that they can do both! 

“Rabbit TV makes such a great gift, because it’s just so useful to everyone. Whether you’re a big time TV fan, a cord-cutter, young or old, basically if you ever watch any sort of online video, you’ll find it valuable. And for the giver, it’s gear too. Only $10 so it won’t break the bank, no waiting in line or even leaving your house, no shipping or wrapping to worry about. We do almost as good a job of removing the hassle from the holidays as we do removing it from television service.” FreeCast CEO William Mobley boasted.

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