Top Worldwide Model Shares a Parent’s Worst Nightmare

**Losing a Child and The Challenging Grieving Process that Follows**

(Atlanta, GA) Chloé Taylor Brown, top worldwide model turned behavioral, executive and lifestyle strategist bares her soul—her dreams, hopes, losses, pains, and gains—in a riveting memoir you cannot read without taking part yourself in her transformation. I Can Laugh Again: From the Valley of Grief to a Glimpse of Heaven is all about love. It’s truly an evocative story about love’s essential and enduring qualities.

The impetus for the narrative involves the tragic death of her nearly four-year-old son, Justin; but Justin’s life is just the stepping stone, if you will, upon which she reminisces throughout her life’s journey, blazing a path from rural Mississippi to the highest strata of the world of fashion. In the end, as we’ve shared her passage from heartbreak to triumph, she gives us a glimpse of heaven.

How do you talk to a parent who has lost a child? How about compassionate presence and counsel from someone who’s been there and gone through the grieving process to be able to genuinely laugh again?

After Chloé and her husband, Rick Brown, NBA player and European basketball champion experienced their loss and paradigm crash; she said, “Everything in our world seemed to shatter into more than a million little pieces. We didn’t know who we were anymore and every decision seemed wrong.” She asked herself repeatedly, “Who am I and where do I go from here? What can I contribute? What can my husband do now?” According to Chloé she and her husband were both lost and afraid.

Karen Moyer, Founder of The Moyer Foundation, whose mission is to help children experiencing grief and to provide comfort, hope and healing said, “Chloé Taylor Brown’s faith, even when in doubt, carried her to be a loving wife and devoted mother to her living children with incredible grace and dignity, which will be tremendously inspiring to anyone who reads this book.”

Jill Burcham, Pastor of P.U.S.H Ministries said, “This book will be a push to all of those who experience extreme difficulties: Life isn’t over; it is a new and powerful beginning!” And Carl Nelson, producer and philanthropist said, “We all have within us the ability to pull ourselves out of that dark place after losing a loved one. Chloé has shown us there is light and life after such an experience, if we only allow ourselves to go there.” Come join in the journey and learn how to laugh again!

About Chloé Taylor Brown: Chloé has been a life-long mentor to young women and girls around the world. Today, her name is synonymous with “inspiration” and “empowerment” for women, the millennial to the baby boomer. She is recognized as a leading transformational lifestyle coach and wears several hats when it comes to transformation.

Chloé is a sought after speaker, event host and High-Potential corporate executive coach for women and men. Now, as a dynamic Pretty-Fresh at 50+ woman she has decided to return to lifestyle modeling in hopes of being a role model and setting a positive example for mature and aging beauty for women.

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