OPP – A France Designer Brand Which Develop Fast Through Internet

OPP is an independent brand with contemporary consciousness. There have so many magic factors in this young brand, and these factors form the unique genes of OPP.OPP is the model of French lifestyle, all designs show the elegant style and romantic culture and it focus on the spirit of simple and relax, including shoes, leather ware and accessories.

OPP always pursuit to realize design philosophy of “French style. This design philosophy  is rich in romantic flavour and French art culture. OPP’s mainline is pace of life,and design for urban elite who in various occasions and roles. According to different situation, OPP special design different products, including shoes, leather and accessories. And base on different scenes of life,there have three product lines: selected line, classical line and casual line; four product series: advanced customize series, classical business series, fashion business series and fashion casual series.

Depends on details design, subtle workmanship and sense of trend, OPP become the popular brand among young people with high reputation. In addition to this, OPP combine with reasonable price and high quality into every product for customers all the time.

Octavia was born in Penzance, Cornwall, UK in 1979.5.His parents are industrial designer, and Octavia was very interested in art when he as a child. In a summer vacation, he met with Pène and Philibert when he was participated in an exhibition in Paris. Pène and Philibert both graduated from les Beaux-Arts de Paris, ENSBA. These three youngsters were acquainted with each other by art and began their career of OPP. They love life and travel, since that, they always spend almost half of time on travel. In their version, people cannot work out perfect products if he doesn’t love life.

In 2009, they had their first shoe store  in Gordes, Germany. With the sense of  fashion and fancy technology, they gained the trust of customers and high reputation in industry.

In 2012,they expand their product line, and began to set foot in leather, accessory, clothing and art.

In 2013,they began to enhance scale of brand, and formally drawn into Asian-Pacific region and China was selected as the first target.

In 2013,these three founders of OPP, having found OPP(FRANCE) INTERNATION TRADE CO.,LTD in HK and Franch  for opening up new territories in Southeast Asia and also gain the high reputation in this region.

In 2013,OPP own 63 exclusive shops and retail stores all over the world.

In 2014,going with the flow, OPP have opened up the market of E-Business and build the website:  http://www.opp.fr  for starting sales in worldwide scale. The design team of OPP always inspired by art?architecture and design, keep persisting to produce the production with comfortable, simple and elegant. In this way, OPP own a stable consumer group.

In 2015.6,OPP have own 25 Internet agents in Franch, England, America and China. HongKong

OPP have created so many classical fashion products in the past six years with their special view of trend and gain the great trust from customers. The brand of OPP have become more and more attractive all over the world.

Philosophy of OPP

OPP is tell a story about a French style man who live in the modern city. The essence of OPP is the desire of freedom, the curiosity of new things and the attitude of life.OPP always pursuit to realize the design philosophy:“French elegant”.Try to let every OPP’S person live with elegant, romantic and freedom.

The keynote of OPP is combine with time, and alive with pure, gentle and sunshine. People can feel the beauty of life whether you when and where from the power of moving time.

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