Light Portal Introduces Corporate Performance Solution Package

Corporate Stress Management Light Portal Chamber for Employee Energy Rejuvenation

TAMPA, FL – Light Portal Technologies, maker of the Light Portal, announced today that it is introducing a new Corporate Performance Solution Package. The Corporate Performance Solution Package is a proprietary set of audio and light experiences for the Light Portal meditation chamber designed to help employees perform better in their jobs.  The Light Portal is a chamber equipped with light and sound technology that enables a person to enjoy immersive, transformative personal rejuvenation experiences through relaxation and meditation. 

“Employee stress is one reason we developed The Light Portal meditation chamber in the first place,” said Douglas Cornell, President and inventor of Light Portal. “Now, with the Corporate Performance Solution Package, we have refined the corporate offering so that users can increase self awareness, work harder and smarter. We want to help employees feel re-fueled and enthusiastic about their careers.”

Studies have shown that exhausted employees are less productive and less pro-active when they experience “work-burn out.” Human Resource directors understand that the employee workload has significantly increased. Employees are working as hard as three people used to because many corporations have culled their work forces. The Light Portal offers a solution.  

The Light Portal potentially transforms an individual’s professional performance capabilities by immersing the user in a focused physical space. The person will be in peaceful isolation with sound, light and music tuned to the brain and body’s inner rhythms. The Light Portal allows the stressed-out professional to access previously unknown reservoirs of energy, stamina, talent and sensory awareness. 

With four immersion sessions over a three day period, the user begins to see striking, long term change in his or her spiritual well being or professional performance capabilities. One experienced executive who has benefited from the Light Portal is Berny Dohrmann, Chairman of CEO Space International, the acclaimed Management Performance Training Program. According to Dohrmann, “Light Portal engages leading edge harmonic frequency technology that optimizes whole brain function elevating mood, energy, and vital decision making;  hence advancing key personal performances and productivity in the work place. I strongly encourage CEOs to acquire Light Portal for their work spaces to advance higher personal performance and productivity, as well as enhance vital decision making on a consistent basis. Results are immediate and profound. It is definitely a win-win for business and personal growth.”

Light Portal typically works with corporate clients or professional partners, such as fitness spas and professional athletic training facilities that install a Light Portal for continued use by their employees and clients. Clients approach the Light Portal in different ways, but the recommended process is for the user to experience a sequence of sessions in the Portal, each of which lasts approximately one hour.

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