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This Cheeki infographic explains our unique concept: sealed, single-serving, high-quality underwear for women on-the-go.
Cheeki Underwear is the solution for women who are on-the-go and need a change in the course of the day. Each pair of Cheeki’s comes in its own slim, waterproof packet, so you can wear it right away without worrying that anyone else has ever touched it or tried it on. Designed for traveling, the gym bag, or for life’s little emergencies– Cheeki’s got you covered. After the first wear, just toss in the wash. Our soft fabrics and stylish cuts are soon to become your favorite undies.

Cheeki is the only brand to offer individual pairs of clean, stylish women’s underwear in a slim, hermetically-sealed packet to be stashed in her handbag or bought on the fly. After she opens the seal and wears her Cheeki for the first time, a woman launders her pair as she would any high-quality underwear and adds it to her lingerie drawer.

Cheeki solves a common problem women face: the need for a “spare pair” in the course of her day. Common scenarios include lost luggage, post-workout, extended hotel stays, wardrobe crises, unexpected hospital needs, feminine emergencies, date nights, and of course, laundry day. According to the Daily Mail, 43% of women tote an extra pair of underwear, but loose underwear is unprotected and a Ziploc baggie is hardly discreet. Cheeki addresses all these needs.

Cheeki’s packaging is airtight, so the garment cannot be touched or tried on by anyone else before purchase. Investigations by Good Morning America have revealed that stores (including Victoria’s Secret, Marshalls, and Wal-Mart) have allowed customers to return used underwear and then re-sell it. Cheeki’s seal guarantees the pair will be untouched by the germs the GMA story revealed, including staph, norovirus, MRSA, fecal matter, and menstrual blood. Hence, the Cheeki concept is a direct response to consumer need. 

Cheeki’s unique packaging makes it an attractive item to stores that don’t ordinarily carry underwear. For retailers that stock the more utilitarian brands, Cheeki is the fun and fashionable, and yet affordable, option.

Cheeki styles include both full-coverage and thong style. The fabrication is a breathable microfiber, feather-light lace, and always a 100% cotton lining.

About Cheeki
Based in New York City, Cheeki is an innovative underwear company founded by Sam K Simon & Niki Kanodia to meet the needs of women on the go. Since 2013, Cheeki is the only brand to offer clean, contemporary underwear in individual, hermetically-sealed packets, so you can stash in your bag or buy on the fly at gyms, hotels, airports & other convenient locations.

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