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ImageLOCK with colors is available in six different bright colors and has 12 symbols, a heavy duty frame, and an administrative key.
ImageLOCK (Design and Utility Patented) is a fun reinvention of the classic lock combination with 8 fun symbols that replaces numbers with pictures on the dial such as “Cat-Heart-Umbrella”. There is also an ImageLOCK with colored images and 12 fun symbols. This lock has a heavy duty frame to ensure the highest security of your belongings. The ImageLOCK with colors also has a control key reset device for administrative purposes.

The ImageLock (Design and Utility Patented) is a new invention that adds a different twist and new dimension to the combination padlock industry. 

New York, NY – A new type of combination lock will soon change the way you view and use padlocks in the near future. The ImageLock is the latest breakthrough in combination padlock innovation, and it offers you a different spin, literally speaking. Unlike combination locks today, the Image Lock is a new invention that has symbol and shape images instead of numbers and letters. The look and structure of the ImageLock is just like any other combination padlock. But the dial on the Image Lock is quite different; you set your combination and open your lock by using symbols. 

Invented by Ali Nawaz, the ImageLock is ushering in a new era in combination padlocks. The inclusion of images instead of numbers is the innovation in this combination lock design. Instead of a 1-2-3 combination, a typical ImageLock combination would be “cat-dog-star.” The invention is perfect for children and also for people that have problems remembering their number or letter combinations. The ImageLOCK comes in two designs: the original ImageLOCK and the ImageLOCK with colors. The original ImageLOCK includes eight white symbols. The latest ImageLOCK, the ImageLOCK with color, is available in six bright colors and features twelve symbols as well as a control key that allows the user to open the lock in the event the combination is lost. Currently, the ImageLOCK has several pending patents for new designs which are sure to revolutionize the combination lock industry. 

“People tend to forget combination numbers,” says Nawaz. “Images, however, are easier to remember. A child especially can remember his/her favorite animal or shape for their combination lock. It could benefit people with Dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. It could even help people with disabilities.” 

Nawaz, a New York City resident, saw a need for the ImageLock after observing how virtually all combination padlocks are one-dimensional. Nawaz believes the ImageLock would be a great way for school age children to hone their memory skills. The lock would also help people who suffer from memory loss. “I have not been able to find a similar lock in existence,” Nawaz said. “There are many kinds of combination locks, but I have not seen one that’s geared toward young and elderly people or those that would enjoy a decorative and interesting lock.”

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