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So Simple, Yet So Useful!

Liz Sacco and her new company, Diabetic Dabs®, is giving a portion of all profits to help with diabetes research. Diabetic Dabs® are convenient, disposable, absorbent sheets that safely wipe away excess blood left behind after glucose testing. These small sheets come in a pad of 50 wipes and feature an adhesive backing which is designed to conveniently stick inside of a diabetic testing case, thereby enhancing the testing kit to provide the most hygienic method of blood removal and disposal. 

One of the greater challenges in a mother’s life is to have a child who has a health issue and you look for ways to make living with the health issue easier for your child and others. Sacco, a mother of four boys, was told in 2011 that her nine year old son had type 1 diabetes. Her family had always been healthy and very active in sports with her husband, David Sacco, playing hockey on the 94 Olympic Team, Toronto Maple Leafs, Anaheim Ducks, and the New York Islanders and her sons joining in the fun of playing hockey and other sports. After the initial shock of the diagnosis, Liz looked for ways to manage the day to day living with diabetes for her active son. Sacco said, “I quickly realized the absence of a safe and appropriate method of wiping away the blood after each of my son’s glucose test. My son, upon lancing himself to test his blood several times on a daily basis, would usually wipe this blood on his clothing or on the inside of the testing kit case. After thoroughly searching the market, I discovered that there was no convenient solution available to resolve this issue, and so I conceived, developed, and patented Diabetic Dabs®.” Diabetic Dabs® are an inexpensive and convenient essential for any blood glucose testing kit. Simply tear, dab, and dispose!

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