Bed Sized Bed Bug Trap LLC Will Receive a U.S. Patent

USPTO has scheduled to issue a patent for bed sized bed bug trap by end of this year. It only needs one day for this invention (starving method) to confirm success even none of bed bugs is killed before the last bug starves. It may need months for well-known methods to determine whether many treatments can kill bed bugs faster than they lay eggs because each treatment by kill-on-contact does nothing to those behind a wall, under a floor, and inside electronics, and because residual effective chemicals such as DDT have been banned. It is no longer right to believe very difficult to get rid of bed 
bugs after this invention.

The invention is based on a concept that a CO2 trap catches bed bugs which can’t touch the bait. The invention enlarges the trap from dish size to bed size and replaces CO2 by sleeper as inaccessible bait. The night feeding is eliminated as sure as sleeping in a bathtub. Since exterminators with easy protection don’t feed bed bugs at daytime, it is feasible to stop bite 24 hours a day after one-time easy job. Bed bug starve quickly after they detect CO2 and crawl for food in futile without dormant at room temperature. This can be confirmed by catching bed bugs into a glass jar.

A mattress encasement is obsolete because the invention starves the last bug no matter it hides inside a mattress or behind a wall. Effort of vacuum and steam is also obsolete because no one kills ants by vacuum or steam instead of poison bait, while the invention is more efficient than the bait to eliminate the insects. Heating entire room is ranked as the most reliable. This is no longer right because it fails if bed bugs migrate from other apartments or hide in heat sensitive electronics; while the cheap method easily stops bites no matter where bed bugs hide as long as sleeping area and human body are bed bugs free forever.

Since all of the well-known methods have low efficiency, exterminators recommend combination of vacuum, steam, chemical, DE, mattress encasement, and CO2 trap to kill bed bugs faster than they lay eggs. The invention does not need any of these methods to stop bites immediately. The killing methods fail if a few of bed bugs behind wall and inside electronics survive. The starving method succeeds even it does not catch any bed bug because the number of bed bugs caught today may not change when the last one starves. The confidence of no feeding is as sure as a sleeper in a bathtub eliminates night feeding and an exterminator with easy protection eliminates daytime feeding. The killing methods need weeks or months of hard work to kill bed bugs faster than they lay eggs. The starving method only needs one day to confirm success because no bite today confirms no bite tomorrow based on facts that bed bug population is the highest on day one and the negligible daily effort is identical every day. The killing methods suffer endless cycles of killing at daytime, feeding at night, and letting a survived one lay up to 300 eggs. The starving method solves the problem immediately.

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About Bed Sized Bed Bug Trap LLC

Bed Sized Bed Bug Trap LLC is located in Princeton, New Jersey. Mr. Dahai Dong is one of the founders. After Mr. Dong’s home was infested with bed bugs, he realized that vacuum, steam, and legal chemicals do nothing to those behind a wall and under a floor, so that all of the killing methods have extremely low efficiency. He tried to protect his bed by sticky tapes, but it failed because the tapes were not sticky enough. He also tried to use very sticky tapes; it also failed because the sticky material made fabric bedding sheet dirty. His final design succeeded and solved problem immediately. Since Mr. Dong realized that all of the well-known bed bug killing methods are misleading and make such an easy job become so difficult, he filed a U.S. patent application after he solved bed bug problem easily and immediately.

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