“The Iguanas” is a Cinematic Masterpiece that Successfully Explores the Joys and Trials of Modern Adulthood

For most young people in modern society, there is a growing recognition that the usual routine of work, dating and family responsibilities is chipping away at their identity. For many, modern existence is starving their soul, which is why so many seek out escapes to “recharge” themselves.  Anew film by acclaimed director Frank Benitez currently entitled “Las Iguanas” (“The Iguanas”) captures the existential angst of five young people who meet over a weekend free from their usual responsibilities.

“Las Iguanas” is indeed reminiscent of other great ensemble movies like “The Big Chill” which used organic and profoundly realistic acting to showcase how young people feel disconnected from one another and the society they live in.  Under the guidance of master storyteller and filmmaker Frank Benitez, who is an award-winning film director and professor at the National University of Colombia, five of Colombia’s most talented young actors—Esteban Garcia, Pilar Diaz Quesada, Paola Olarte, Isabel Gaona, John Mora—of their generation have collaborated for the past three years to create short films and prepare for this feature length film.

The deep relationships that have developed among these highly skilled thespians serves as the framework for “Las Iguanas”; the film will capturethe poignancy of joy, excitement and pain that is grounded in the reality of these friendships.

The production crew will number about 30 including director, actors, and film crew.  Filming will take place in Colombia over a three week period. It is estimated that $30,000 will be needed to complete the project. To raise these funds, the production team has sponsored a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo. In return for backing this important project, you can receive perks like film digital download, photo of the production team, Skype interview with producer, producer credit, T-shirts, song video from the team, image of you in the film, invitation to filming set, Executive Producer credit, or invitation to the premiere. To learn more about “Las Iguanas” or to make a donation, please visit http://bit.ly/1OueBtv.

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