White Peacock T-shirts Illuminate When The Lights Are Turned Off

These elegantly designed shirts will electrify party and concert goers!

A new T-shirt by White Peacock offers stunningly beautiful effects when the lights go off. In the day, this T-shirt looks like a typical black T-shirt with a constellation decal, but when you turn off the lights, this T-shirt which is saturated with luminescent material burns bright with a design like the Milky Way. This immensely comfortable and fashionable garment will provide an eye-catching show for anyone at a party or concert. This amazing shirt will enable anyone to easily find the wearer, making it ideal for children in crowded settings.

Created by one of Slovakia’s most preeminent fashion companies White Peacock, this T-shirt is the ultimate integration of beautiful design with cutting edge chemical engineering. These shirts are manufactured using only the finest materials and according to the highest manufacturing standards. These impeccably crafted shirts will be sure to WOW others for years to come. The fluorescent compounds not only produce a long lasting luminescent, “starry sky” effect, but are completely safe for all types of wearers. White Peacock has created an array of different style shirts available in Extra Small, Small, Medium and Large sizes.

White Peacock is currently offering these exciting T-shirts at a steep discount to backers of their Indiegogo campaign. If you act now you can order the Woman’s Tank, V-neck Men’s T-shirt, Sportsman’s Sleeveless, the Men’s Polo T-shirt through their Indiegogo web page before they go on sale to the general public. To learn more about the White Peacock T-shirt, or to order yours, please visit http://bit.ly/1I9RAzt

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Company Name: White Peacock – Galaxy Fashion Mark – T-shrit TOTL
Contact Person: Dzin Rednaxela
Email: okoalki@gmail.com
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