#1 Selling Christian Author Endorses Donald Trump

**High Octane Author Robert Bakke tells Christians to Conquer Fears **

(Golden Valley, MN) Top selling Christian author Robert Bakke has been listening carefully to the bold speaking business mogul, Donald Trump, and is doing what most Christians are afraid to do, which is publically endorse a presidential candidate. “I’m endorsing Trump because I’m not controlled by fear,” says Bakke. According to federal law, churches and ministries that operate as a 501C (3) non-profit are forbidden from endorsing political candidates. This makes pastors afraid to discuss political topics from their pulpits which leaves their congregations in the dark, and according to Bakke, accelerates the rate at which the “politically correct” are able force God out of our government, our schools and our businesses. “Someone has to bring America back to God and prosperity, “says Bakke, “I’m not a 501C anything…so I guess it’s up to those of us who are willing to fight the winds of political correctness and take on Washington corruption.”

Bakke strongly believes we need a successful businessperson in the White House, and he doesn’t care if it shakes up Washington’s entire political machine. “Many significant figures in the Bible were the wealthiest men on earth. People need to know that it’s still possible to be honest and become successful if we’re ever going to turn America back around. It’s time to replace the ‘special interest’ economy that drives Washington, DC, if America’s economy and security are going to survive. Trump is doing a great job with this so far…he’s scaring the heck out of the politicians which is why they’re attacking him from all sides.”

Bakke’s latest book, an Amazon #1 Best-Seller, “Prayer at Full Throttle: How Performance-Based Prayer Makes Miracles Happen” separates God away from religion and shows people how to access the power to produce miracles. “The book’s content can produce miracles,” says Bakke, “It’s a self-published book that hit #1 on Amazon…how much more proof do you need? Let’s put our attention back where it belongs, in the real world, and put America back on top.”

Prayer at Full Throttle is available at www.amazon.com in paperback and e-book. Signed paperbacks at www.robertbakkeministries.com are available as well.

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