Holiday Disasters? Let Stellar Public Adjusting Services in Miami Help!

MIAMI, FL – 12/18/2015 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — The holiday season is here again! The partying has begun and most people will soon be traveling from one place to another to enjoy the season with the rest of their families. Unfortunately, this is also the time when disaster tends to strike. This season, you can stay ahead of unforeseen damages by investing in the services of a public adjuster.

Stellar Public Adjusting Services, a Miami based adjusting company, prides itself on assisting property owners, business owners, and condominium associations in negotiating insurance claim settlements. The company has forged a reputation for helping clients with professional insurance adjusting, appraisal services, and loss consulting. Whether you suffer a hurricane or a roof leak, Stellar Adjusting will do everything to ensure that you receive everything you’re entitled to under your policy.

Don’t Panic

There have been cases in the past where homeowners slept at a shelter following an evacuation not knowing that their home insurance entitles them to “additional living expenses” which often includes hotel accommodation and food as well as additional transportation costs. If you have a public insurance adjuster, you would call them immediately and learn how to proceed in such a situation.

And, it’s not just that.  Many times, when faced with the task of calculating cost of damages, property owners will settle for less because of exhaustion. This problem is widespread both in residential and commercial set ups. Again, you could always avoid the pain by having a public insurance adjuster whom you can turn to in times of need.

The bottom line is that sometimes it’s only logical to involve a public adjuster when filing an insurance claim.

What Public Adjusters Do

Stellar Public Adjusting Services, when called upon, will focus on four main areas:

  1. Inspecting the damage.

  2. Speaking to witnesses.

  3. Reviewing any policy reports.

  4. Talking to the property owner.

This is usually in the investigation phase. It is only when investigations have been completed that the company can determine how much money your insurance provider owes you.

Remember that not all damages are always covered in an insurance policy. It is the role of the adjuster to confirm that the damages suffered are indeed covered in the policy. The adjuster is thereafter also required to liaise with your insurance provider to ensure that you receive the due benefits as stipulated in your policy. For example, if your house has been flooded to the extent that you cannot stay there for a few days, then the public adjuster will see to it that the policy provider pays for the arising accommodation costs.

In a nutshell, a public adjusting company:

  • Informs the insurance company of your loss.

  • Researches and assesses any damage and ascertains whether there are liabilities.

  • Investigates all aspects of the claim including damage to buildings and other property. They also note if anyone was injured in the damage.

  • Compiles a damage report that helps in determining financial losses.

  • Liaises with specialists and trades people to ensure that repairs or re-building activities run smoothly.

Who Needs a Public Insurance Adjuster?

Normally, when you notify your insurance provider about a potential claim, they will send their own adjuster to visit the place and verify the damages. Adjusters who work for insurance companies are called insurance claim adjusters. The difference is that public adjusters work in YOUR interests while insurance claims adjusters work in the insurance company’s interests. Call Stellar Public Adjusting Services for a free evaluation and claim review, even if your claim was denied or you feel you were underpaid.

Additionally, if the claim escalates into a lawsuit, public adjusters can always appear in court as expert witnesses for the aggrieved policyholder! Call Stellar Public Adjusting Services at (305) 507-3519 in Miami today to learn more.

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