Real-Life Escape Games Coming to Overland Park in Late December

OVERLAND PARK, KS – 12/18/2015 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Tick Tock Escape Games, a real-life escape room, will open its doors to the public on December 28. A typical escape game involves a group of people locked in a room for a set amount of time. The group escapes by deciphering clues before the time expires.

Virtual escape games have been popular on the Internet for years, but Tick Tock Escape Games’ real-life escape games bring people together for an exciting opportunity for team-building, for parties or for friends who want to flex their mental muscles against the clock, according to Roger Wagy, the owner of Tick Tock Escape Games.

Wagy found the idea for Tick Tock Escape Games when he and his family his were on vacation during the summer of 2014. “To say we had blast does not do the concept justice,” Wagy said, “It was fun in a way we had never experienced before. We instinctively knew escape games were going to sweep the nation, which they are doing right now.”

The concept intrigued Wagy so much that he decided to go into the escape game business for himself with some original ideas, he said. “As fun as the game was that we visited,” Wagy said, “it seemed clear that the form of entertainment was still in its infancy, and there were many ways to further develop the concept. The elements we experienced [in 2014] were mostly made out of everyday items. We thought it would be great to design game elements from scratch for each game.”

Tick Tock Escape Games will offer one game on its December 28 opening called Beasley’s Billions, and a new challenge, Pyramid Paradox, in February..In both games, groups of two to eight people have one hour to gather clues and escape. In Beasley’s Billions, participants try to unlock themselves from the fictional Thurston Beasley III, their billionaire uncle’s den. Beasley wants to see if his family can work together as a team. In Pyramid Paradox, a team is exploring an ancient Egyptian pyramid. It accidentally triggers a trap blocking the only exit, but there is a fail-safe mechanism the team can activate to escape if it solves the puzzles within an hour.

Tick Tock Escape Games’ goal is to provide its customers with an adventure that helps people realize their full potential, which makes it a great and unique opportunity for corporate team-building and birthday parties, Wagy said. “It allows you to spend time with your friends, family or coworkers in a totally new way,” he said. “Normal roles do not apply, and anyone can be the one who ‘gets it’ and figures out the next clue. It’s a great way to draw out the best in people. Since we have multiple rooms of each game, your group can have a friendly competition against itself. It’s an adventure that our customers will be excited to talk about with their friends and coworkers.”

Tick Tock Escape Games is located at 6398 College Blvd., Overland Park, KS, 66211. For more information about Tick Tock Escape Games, visit or call (913) 396-9144. The escape room is offering a pre-opening 20 percent off sale on advance game vouchers at

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