Airwheel Q5 Twin wheel self balancing electric scooter Leads a Healthy yet Safe Life

Airwheel scooter Q5 with good quality is light-weighted and portable. It is absolutely a smart vehicle to lead healthy and safe life.

Although the urban residents enjoy lots things that people in the rural areas can’t get, they still suffer some hassles like the polluted ambient air, and traffic jams. People have wasted too much time in the congestion. And the polluted air is harmful to their health. We can’t help thinking if there is another transport vehicle to avoid traffic jam. Of course, the answer is Airwheel Q5 self-balancing electric scooter. In light of its mini figure and smart performance, Q5 can help people in the urban to escape the heavy traffic, and reduce the tail gas emission.

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After years of independent research and development, Airwheel has mastered the core patent and technology of producing self-balancing electric scooter. The Airwheel products are sturdy in the frame and safe to ride. The company now owns many national patents and international certificates. It is highly reputed in the industry of electric hoverboard. Airwheel Q5 is a well-received self-balancing scooter model. It is a brand of new and green vehicle for short distance. This electric balancing scooter weighs only 11.5kg while its load capacity reaches 120kg. It is created on the basis of an aerospace attitude control theory and fuzzy software algorithm. Compared with other traditional means of transports, this device is smaller and lighter in the appearance. The key point is that it’s friendly to the environment without discharging harmful particle matters. Furthermore, regular riding Q5 is good to keep healthy.

twin-wheeled electric scooter

Apart from, it’s safe to ride it for its fine workmanship in the interior. The battery and the charger paired with the twin-wheeled electric scooter are equipped with overcharge protection. During the process of charging, it will never explode. Plus the smart system owns the best security protection, for example, speed control, tilting protection, and low battery protection. When something is wrong, the vehicle will give alarms to riders.

With this scooter made by Airwheel, riders can enjoy a healthy and safe life. It makes riders successfully escape from the traffic jams, which can improve the rider’s mood. Meanwhile, riding it is to do physical exercise. Hence, it leads a healthy yet safe life.

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