Riding Your Unique intelligent electric skateboards manufacturer Airwheel M3 to Celebrate Christmas

Individualism is not a slogan any more. With a marker pen, the latest Airwheel motorized skateboard will turn to be the unique one for the customers can draw their favorite lines or pictures on their M3, which is one of the biggest innovation of this super fashionable skateboard.

Nowadays, the whole society is emphasizing individualism and this is a popular trend for young people to making themselves unique by purchasing hand-made products such as hand painted shoes. Being elaborately pained, even a pair of ordinary basic canvas is able to display its unique character miraculously. It is not novel to see a hand painted skateboard for young people to enjoy drawing their unique marks on their skateboard. However, in terms of hand painted motorized skateboard, Airwheel is a pioneer.

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Christmas is coming and it is interesting to see some Airwheel amateurs are drawing some Christmas elements on their electric skateboards with maker pens and decals. All of a sudden, an ordinary Airwheel motorized skateboard M3 is turned into a limited edition. This unique skateboard in this world, being super individual and super exquisite, which can be regarded as one piece of artwork. Riding this particular Airwheel M3, the rider will catch numerous eyesight wherever. Common elements on the painted skateboard includes snowflake, Santa Clause, the elk, Christmas tree and socks. During the holiday season, everyone turns to be excited to decorate their homes, cars and stores, why not draw your favorite traveling vehicle.

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Except for the hand painted pictures mentioned, there are some users, who are not good at painting, decorating their M3 with various colorful decals. On one hand, the owner is able to personalize his motorized skateboard, making it his adorable style, and on the other hand, the board could effectively protect from being rubbed. Interestingly, various colorful decals could become a brush, with which you are able to draw your particular hobbies and creativity.

As long as you like, you can draw anything during this Christmas holiday season. After this artistic work, this unique electric skateboard will drive you to anywhere casually and company you to chase the joy of holiday. It’s time to decorate your M3 with your hobby, personality and unique ideas and make yourself the most fashionable trendsetter.

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