Kuester Management Group Offers Tips on Improving HOA Board Effectiveness

The board is at the core of HOA operations, meaning communication, education, and organization are key, notes Kuester Management Group.

While homeowners are an integral part of the HOA, it is the board that is accountable for ensuring that practical rules are created and enforced, the property is maintained, and money is properly managed. When there is disconnect, this can affect the whole community. Kuester Management Group has released a new statement to the press regarding ways the board can enhance its effectiveness.

“Boards are run by homeowners who volunteer their time and service,” says Bryan Kuester, President of Kuester Management Group. “Many have families and full-time jobs they’re trying to balance in addition to carrying out their board responsibilities. A little education can go a long way in helping them to streamline operations and make decisions in the best interest of the neighborhood.”

The HOA’s property management group can set board members up with professional development opportunities, says Kuester. They may host seminars, conferences, or workshops that can help board members stay on top of changes in rules and regulations and incorporate best practices. The property management group can also advise on budgeting and financial issues to manage expenses and reserve funds. Not every board has members with strong financial backgrounds, but this shouldn’t be a detriment.

Kuester also encourages staying organized and establishing routines. Determine who will be accountable for certain tasks and when they will be completed each week or month. Creating a centralized calendar can be helpful so that each board member is up-to-date on deadlines and upcoming plans. Setting regular meetings can help too so that everyone is on the same page and can convey questions, concerns, and updates while they are still timely.

Board members should also make sure they have the time to commit themselves to the HOA. “Being a board member is a lot of responsibility,” says Kuester. “Before you accept a position, make sure you’re able to uphold the requirements and expectations. It can be frustrating when the board is trying to work together and achieve results but one or two people are missing or hard to get in touch with. Be available and stay involved.”

Kuester also recommends staying in touch with members. Make sure they know who is on the board, the proper channels for voicing ideas or concerns, and what is happening. Homeowners want to feel valued and appreciated, so making an effort to get to know them and hear them out on what they have to say is important. They are on the frontlines in the neighborhood and can become instrumental in supporting board operations through committees and other volunteer opportunities. When the board builds strong relationships within the association, it can allow them to do their job more effectively.

“Communication and education are critical,” says Kuester. “You have to know and understand the governing documents and how to disseminate information in an effective manner. If the board is struggling to keep things running smoothly, engaging the support of a property management company like Kuester Management Group can make a positive difference.”


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