“Carros de Cuba” – The amazing classic cars frozen in time

Coffee table book of the highly anticipated ‘Carros de Cuba’ project by internationally awarded automotive photographer Piotr Degler.

Piotr Degler is an internationally awarded automotive photographer from Spain, who works for some of the most important automotive brands in Italy and around the world (see Kickstarter Bio for client list).

Last year he decided to travel Cuba in search of the most interesting cars on the island. His adventure quickly became popular, thanks also to the discovery of a rusted (“one million dollar car”) Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing photographed at night under some banana trees. Now, finally, the moment for the Book has arrived and he is showing for the first time to the World, all the treasures he found on his way.

“Speaking of Cuba is talking about their cars. When in 1959 a young Castro decreed a law to prevent the importation of cars, he could not see the great favor that made us all who are passionate about the 4 wheels. Unwittingly, he bequeathed us a full pre-revolutionary treasure, which now constitutes one of the tourist attractions of the island. For 10 years I had been dreaming of visiting this photographic paradise. It was something I felt inside me. 10 years longing to capture the country through its almendrones (vintage taxis), Buicks, Cadillacs and Studebakers… 10 years were expectation was mixed with desire. I had an intense month to find my treasure. Chasing rumors and opinions, I traveled the island from Vinales to Santiago de Cuba, stopping in dozens of towns and cities. As I forged friendships with enthusiasts and local mechanics, I opened doors normally closed to foreign tourists. Beyond the American classics, Cuba has put me face to face with some of the most iconic cars of Automobile History.”

‘Carros de Cuba’ will showcase around 200 never-published-before images, across more than 300 pages. The full-color images will be printed in Europe on high-quality paper. It will be the most complete project ever made about the Cars of Cuba. 

This coffee table book doesn’t only present great photography of Cuban cars; it is also an incredible historical document of the automotive and social panorama of Cuba, photographed with great taste in 2014 – before the country’s new relationship with the USA began.

Obviously, more photographs of the now-famous Gullwing are included in the “RUST IN PEACE” section, as well as other Jaguars, a Porsche, a Hispano Suiza, another Mercedes 300SL, and other interesting cars found along the way. 

In the “ON THE ROAD” section, you will find photographs of great classic cars that are still in daily use today. 

A short “INTRODUCTION” section will also be presented at the beginning of the book, showing some images of the people, landscapes etc… 

“This is a tribute to the cars that have survived over half a century on the island, thanks to the inventiveness of the Cuban people. On the one hand, you’ll see photographs showing the human side; the people; the environment; cars maintained with inventiveness and necessity for decades; real gems stored in garages away from prying eyes… On the other hand, you’ll find obsolete cars showing hints of what they once were, and dreaming of what they could be again. These are natural and honest photographs; there are no forced elements placed in the frame for the occasion. Everything you see happened by chance, with natural colors, un-retouched photographs – the pictures respectfully show the reality as it is.”

Today, the project is available at Kickstarter LIVE. That means anyone can take part in the project by being a backer. You can preorder a signed copy of the book for just 50€ (+ shipping costs) or get many other gifts. The production of the “Carros de Cuba” book will begin once the 100% of the initial goal will be funded and they will be shipped in March 2016.

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