FWY Sports Now Conquering Amazon With New 23” Muscle Roller Stick for athletes & for everyone

We recently began selling a unique new sports-equipment product on Amazon. It’s a 23” extra-long muscle roller stick for athletes… but make no mistake, it’s for everyone, too. Our product is already becoming extremely well-received, as a stick that stands taller than the rest. Customers rate it very positively for its high quality and its fresh design. Will we break ahead of the pack?

Dec 21, 2015 – Our product differs a bit from all the rest, mainly in two ways: it’s extra-long (23”), and the massage portion has several dozen spikes. Also, its handle is designed to work great for a trigger point massage.

This stick isn’t just for professional athletes; it’s also made for joggers, cyclists, and in short everyone who works out in their spare time or works hard full-time. Naturally it’s also perfect for anyone who suffers muscle pain or stiffness, or simply wants to relax.

Our massage stick has been tested and recommended by a fitness trainer, masseur, and physiotherapist. Its spikes support deep tissue massage, blood circulation, and muscle relaxation. Its extra length makes massages comfortable even on large areas of the back and trapezius muscles – and there’s no back too large for this stick.

The fact is that the market, and especially Amazon, has really lacked a product like this. There may seem to be lots of massage sticks being sold, but in reality they are just the same types over and over, with little changed but the grip or the color. Almost every massage stick roller on the market has a smooth surface, or at best some small grooves in its massage portion. That really is not ideal for a deep tissue massage. Especially not for athletes and people who do hard physical work. These rollers serve about as well as a rolling pin or an ordinary stick.

We’ve distributed our muscle roller stick for athletes to dozens of customers for testing, and their reactions have already arrived – and they’ve pleasantly surprised us. All in all customers welcome the new design and appreciate the stick’s length and its spike structure. Their evaluations have been very positive.

If you’d like to test the stick as well, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ve put great care into its quality, which is why we offer a 90-day money-back guarantee.

Our goal is to maximize our number of satisfied customers – people for whom our massage stick has become an everyday aid for relaxing and for loosening up their muscles.

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