Alcohologist offers six sobriety-saving tips for alcohol-free holidays

BURLINGTON, WI – Dec 21, 2015 – Award-winning alcohol and health writer, Scott Stevens, notes in his Dec. 19 video segment “The Sobriety: 60+” that the holidays, with their stress and celebrations, can challenge a person in sobriety – or anyone just wishing to avoid the increased intoxicated driver enforcement this time of year. “Alcoholics and non-alcoholics alike drink to relieve stress. There isn’t a stressor made better by drinking. And there isn’t one made worse by just breathing and choosing not to drink it under,” says Stevens.

The author’s alcohol video segments, found on, emphasize the health impact of even moderate drinking. “The focus is that sobriety is a better thing to have, than to lack.” Among the six tips offered in the newest segment: “If you have to go, bring candy. Seriously. Satisfying an oral fixation does help. The taste on your palate will make alcohol flavorings less appealing, too. If you’ve ever chased a candy cane with a beer, you know what I’m talking about.”

Each of Stevens’s three books includes a chapter on the health consequences of drinking alcohol. “It’s not about discouraging drinking, except for the alcoholic. It’s about making informed decisions about using alcohol using information from evidence-based science. Informed decisions don’t come from observational studies and wishful thinking.”

The segment will be posted on the website at 12:00 p.m. CST, Dec. 19. A full transcript of the segment appears on the alcohol author’s blog, also on

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The noted journalist on alcoholism is a founding influencer of the world’s largest medical portal, His books on the disease include 2010’s What the Early Worm Gets, 2012’s Every Silver Lining Has a Cloud, which earned finalist honors in the Indie Book Awards and USA Best Books Awards in 2013, and Adding Fire to the Fuel, a 2015 USA Best Books Awards Finalist. He also created the Alcohology app for Android devices. 

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