Emails FromTop EU Security Expert And US Authorities Indicate That San Bernardino And Paris Attacks Were Warned Of Well In Advance

The website details correspondence between Almon, Prime Ministers, Cabinet Ministers, EU security experts, and top US police commanders warning that ISIS and Al Qaeda were preparing to launch a global “Terrorist Tet Offensive” in the Fall.
Stunning documents, media interviews, and emails indicate that terrorism expert Jerome Almon warned American Homeland Security Committees, Canadian, and European leaders of the coming Paris and San Bernardino terrorist attacks well in advance of their execution.

Dec 21, 2015 – The warning was issued in the Spring of 2015 to Los Angeles, Miami, Las Vegas, and Texas police commanders, stressing the need for a law enforcement conference concerning the issue. According to global media reports, terrorist conducted attacks in Paris, Beirut, Mali, Turkey, Egypt, and San Bernardino in the Fall as Almon forecast. Media reports from Germany indicate that its four intelligence agencies, including the BND (Bundesnachrichtendienst) and Bundespolizei (Federal Police) agree with Almon’s assessment, and have issued a warning to German Chancellor Angela Merkel concerning the threat.


In a shocking 21 October 2015 email sent to a prominent European negotiator, former Warsaw Pact officer, and security expert, Almon warned that Europe and America were on the verge of devastating terrorist attacks originating in the Middle East. The email also eerily warned of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s willingness to use nuclear weapon against ISIS in a doomsday scenario. According to major European media outlets, Putin stated such intentions on 9 December 2015. 


According to emails between Almon, then Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, and a high ranking Las Vegas police Commander both agreed with Almon’s assessment regarding the pressing terror threat. Interviews with Gannett and other media outlets evidence that, Almon accurately forecast the rise of Middle Eastern terrorism on US soil in his book “Why They Hate US So Much” in 2001. Documents demonstrate that Al Jazeera and the Canadian Broadcast Company targeted Almon for documentaries. The book describes the current terror situation as a “global Vietnam.”  According to interviews with CNN, terrorism experts such as Peter Bergen ruled out American Muslims committing terror attacks in the US following 9/11. Dozens of Canadian media reports cite the White House and Ottawa rejected Almon’s advice on border security and immigrant vetting. CBS News and FBI documents indicate that this missed opportunity led to the infamous Nada Pouty CIA-FBI mole scandal.


Emails from CBS News indicate the network sought information from Almon in May 2015 regarding DHS and the TSA agents routinely searching celebrities, strippers, and models on social media for the purpose of targeting them for sexual harassment (, but do not perform the same search for immigrants such as San Bernardino shooter Tashfeen Malik ( Correspondence between Almon, DHS, and the DOJ, indicate that both entities are in a questionable position to manage the country’s security. Emails from CBS News and several other major US and European media outlets indicate Almon was interviewed in the Spring of 2015 regarding the dire situation within DHS and the DOJ.

DOJ documents indicate that internal efforts to correct the problems are being led by ATF analyst Janel Smith. A December 2015 Congressional report on the Secret Service evidences the severity of the situation ( Posts on the website of Senator Charles Grassley indicate that the issues are much larger than is generally known and closely resemble the “Fast And Furious” ATF scandal, numerous Air Marshall scandals, and an even more shocking scandal within the US Customs and Border Protection agency ( CBS News sought and was provided the 20 April 2009 letter from DHS indicating Almon warned then DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano on 30 March 2009 of the threat within DHS cited in the 2015 CBS News report.

Numerous media reports and Inspectors General reviews indicate that DHS and the DOJ are no longer functioning security entities. Almon recommends replacing all current heads of federal law enforcement agencies within the DOJ and DHS with senior intelligence and military officers. Almon cites a December 2015 study from George Washington University stating that America has 300 active ISIS recruiters and agents within the country as being indicative of the problem.


According to the Toronto Sun and Almon and Canada’s CIA, CSIS, assert that the number of terrorists within the US is much higher than the Obama administration and the George Washington study have proclaimed ( An email sent to Almon from a Canadian Cabinet Minister acknowledges that a security threat at the US-Canadian border warned of by Almon in 2001 still has not been corrected by DHS. According to the NY Post and the Daily Mail, NYC spent $600 million in 2010 to correct a mirror issue within the city after it was targeted by terrorist in 2006 ( DHS documents indicate Almon warned NYC and federal authorities of the security threat beginning in the 1980s.

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