Zonkey Escape, the mobile game for kids launches 2015 year end contest

The new kids’ mobile game Zonkey Escape has launched their year end contest for 2015. The contest is free of cost and provides the kids a chance to win several goodies such as Zonkey Escape T-shirt and iPhone covers.

Zonkey Escape is a recently launched gaming app which is especially designed for kids. The game has no violent scenes, gore or unnecessary advertisements, but does take the kids into an active entertaining adventure.

Games for smart phones and tablets are everywhere. Many applications and games consist of unsuitable content for young kids, Zonkey Escape is the exception. This game is cartoon fun for the whole family.

The developers’ background working with Disney led them to create a game especially designed for kids, consisting of interesting characters and an active, entertaining format. With Zonkey Escape downloaded on mobile, the parents won’t have to worry anymore about the kind of games their kids are playing.

Zonkey Escape is based upon the funny and wacky cartoon characters Zeedonk and his sister Deebra. They’re the ‘zonkeys’ of the game, their mother is a zebra and father is a donkey. Once the player enters the world of these interesting characters, the fun begins.

The player can choose to play with either avatar, Zeedonk the boy or Deebra the girl, both having equal skills. The game can be played using both hands and steering the mobile device by tilting it left or right while using the buttons. This will make the zonkeys kick, eat, jump and swim in the game.

Zonkey Escape is based on slapstick humour which kids will find really funny and entertaining. The game is completely safe and suitable for the kids as it does not feature any obscene or gore content. Pan European Game Information (PEGI) and the International Games & Entertainment Association (IGEA) have rated the game safe for all ages, making it perfect as a first game for the kids. Many parents and mommy bloggers are calling the game the best mobile game for kids.

Zonkey Escape is available free to download for iPhone and iPad at iTunes as well as for Android phones and tablets at Google Playstore.

More information can be found at Zonkey Escape and a demo video of the game can be seen on YouTube. The website also features a zonkey store and a lot of free gifts for the users.

To participate in the contest and win exciting Zonkey Escape merchandise, the kids or their parents can visit http://zonkeyescape.com/zonkey-contest.html

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