Mac Mortgage Approval Corp. Introduces Online Mortgage Application Facility

MAC Mortgage Approval Corp – Mortgage Broker in Vancouver
Mac Mortgage Approval Corp. is a genuine equity lender providing real estate loans to property owners, introduces online mortgage application facility.

Vancouver, British Columbia – December 21, 2015 – MAC Mortgage Approval Corp. is a licensed mortgage brokerage firm based in Vancouver, BC committed to providing full spectrum mortgage lending for borrowers and brokers alike. They are a boutique lender with clear and simple guidelines and offer fast and flexible funding options. MAC mortgage brokers help clients every step of the way through the process.

They have worked extensively within and throughout the real estate and mortgage market for over 20 years. They have already funded over $100 million in private mortgage loans throughout the country, and they are dedicated to helping borrowers get the best mortgage rates on first, second and third mortgages.

“Mortgage loans from mortgage broker in Vancouver can be a tough process for clients and that’s why we have introduced online mortgage application facility. We are capable of providing fast, confidential and efficient service with the least amount of inconvenience to the borrower,” said the spokesperson.

“Applying for mortgage loans takes only 3 simple steps – fill an online form, once it gets approved, you’ll receive the money. If you need mortgage, apply online today,” he added.

MAC Mortgage Approval Corp. specialises in offering second and third mortgages, low income or no income people, state income – B lenders, home equity loan and private mortgage financing. They help investors by offering expertise on capital preservation, while achieving consistent investing returns. They also have experience in offering advice to clients to avoid foreclosure process.

“Our team includes lawyers that protect borrower’s and borrower’s interests, appraisers that will determine a fair and honest current market value and mortgage professionals in Vancouver that have worked on all sides of the mortgage industry for several years,” he added.

“When you’re looking to invest in one of the soundest real estate markets in the world and you’re looking to work with a professional team that puts honesty and integrity above everything else including returns, feel free to contact us. We can help even if you are self-employed, have poor credit or you want to refinance a mortgage foreclosure,” he finally added.

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MAC Mortgage Approval Corp. is capable of providing fast, convenient and efficient service with the least amount of inconvenience to the borrower. 

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