An interview a few days before Christmas with beautiful Duchess Ugwunwa Ajike

At the moment I am working on a reality TV show and It is called “The Boss TV Show”. I am going to be in the TV show with 12 contestants. I will be giving them the opportunity to learn how to earn money a creative way. However They will have 8 days for the task and, at end of the 8 days, the winner will win a cash prize. “The Boss TV Show” will enable the contestants to be able to exercise their communication skill and recognize their talents.

I do want the contestants to learn from doing the reality to show because it is always when you are able touch the hearts of individuals in a good way that you can make a difference. I am hoping for them to experience the grit of business, the harsh realities of the life if wanting to work for yourself. The aspects of my profession is to, throw them in the middle of it all, taste what one can and aim to achieve and the ability to actually be able to achieve it.

There will be one winner, the concept is to empower with leadership skills to develop all aspects of character. Evaluation and reflection is what I aim for with them so in that respect everyone will learn from the experience, but in business there is only one top position at a time and from my opinion it is for the person who encompasses all aspects of growth. They will be able to experience every aspect of leadership, all in equal measure.

To be a successful business director, It takes a lot of hard work, innovation, creativity and an early start in business. You have to have an originality and the ability to sustain any kind of challenges, trust and confidence in your own intelligence and creativity. I dislike the word failure, but you can always win if you train yourself to become a winner but on a business prospective some times you make your target. You have to know how to bounce back, no matter what situation comes across your path. You have to be able humble yourself and approach life with ease.

Am happy to advice and let the general public in on a bit of information before they get to watch the tv show. In that case the fact is, I use to be an athele and I loved 100 meters because I was the fastest. I used to feel good, because I would complete it and most times at a new record time. So my advice is hard work and honesty to yourself in what you are able to achieve.

“The Boss TV Show” should be on the community channel in the new year. It is in aid of the charity “Paradise Organisation” and good luck in advance to the lucky winner.

I am still auditioning through correspondence and free audition.

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