Saatva Mattress to be Featured on Modern Living with kathy ireland

Modern Living with kathy ireland presents an exclusive interview with CEO of Saavta Matress Ron Rudzin
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LOS ANGELES, December 22, 2015 — Modern Living with kathy ireland announces an exclusive interview with Saatva Mattress, a company that is trying to change the way that consumers purchase mattresses.

During the interview, Kathy Ireland spoke with CEO Ron Rudzin about the difference between Saatva Mattress and other mattress companies. He spoke on the gimmicks that many companies use to get customers to purchase their mattresses. They change the stitching, the color, the label, etc. while running half off deals to get people in the store. However, as Ron Rudzin commented, the mattresses never sell for that price and they are overpriced to begin with.

Saatva Mattress is a completely online mattress store with one mattress with three comfort levels. It does not get any simpler than that.

The mattresses are considered to be Ultra Premium and can be compared to luxury mattresses you would find in a nice hotel. Another big difference is that the price is much lower compared to other mattress companies and there is a 75-day home trial to make sure you are happy with the mattress.

Saatva Mattress works with 16 factories and 116 fulfillment centers in the U.S. and Canada. In the past 5 years Saatva has been reviewed as one of the best mattress companies.

JL Haber, Vice President of Programming of Modern Living with kathy ireland, was quoted as stating, “Saatva Mattress is an innovative company that has the potential to change the face of the mattress industry and how people purchase their mattresses in the future.”

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