Have You Ever Considered an iPhone 6c as 2016 Christmas Gift?

The question is, will iPhone 6c come out before this Christmas?

On Dec. 4th, numbers of reports said one of the well-known analysts of KGI Security, Ming-ChiKuo, claimed that the new 4-inch iPhone 6c will come out on the beginning of 2016. 


Well actually, iPhone 6c has been long rumored since the beginning of this year: on May, there is a pink iPhone appeared on Apple’s official site which was called iPhone 6c by the media, then the picture was taken off from the site; 2 months later, news reported that Apple may not release iPhone 6c; however on August, reporters believed that iPhone 6c will be published together with 6s or come out on October.


There are also some upgrades on iPhone 6c, said by reporters. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who often accurately predicts Apple’s plans based on supply chain research, believes that the iPhone 6c will be offered at least 2 or 3 color options, including the color showed by the leaked picture. In addition, it may has the same basic configuration with iPhone 5s while ship an A9 processor which is the same with iPhone 6s instead. It is rumored as well to have NFC and Touch ID, which could mean Apple Pay supported, and of course if it’s launched this year it will run iOS 9. At a lower-price, the iPhone 6c will not offer 3D Touch, the pressure-sensing feature introduced in the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus. The rest of its specifications are completely unknown, but there’s a good chance it will borrow liberally from the iPhone 6, given that the iPhone 5c stayed very close to the iPhone 5. But one thing that may be certain is that the iPhone 6c will be positioned at the lower end of the iPhone lineup as Apple’s reduced-cost smartphone, replacing the current iPhone 5s. 

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