Real Estate News Behemoth Inman Local Selects Lofty Real Estate As Premier Contributor

CHICAGO, Illinois – Inman, one of the largest news providers in the real estate industry has selected Chicago based property management and real estate investment firm Lofty Real Estate to provide exclusive content for their online magazine.

“Property management is one of those businesses no one really wants to talk about,” says Andrew Nast, President of Lofty. “Traditionally it’s not sexy, it’s not exciting, but it is absolutely necessary if you’d like to own investment property and don’t want to spend every waking minute putting out fires.”

Though property management may not be a status-seeker’s dream job, the folks at Inman Local definitely thought the subject was important enough to locate an expert to provide property management content for their award-winning magazine. That search led them to the office of one of Chicago’s fastest growing real estate companies, Lofty. “When Inman gave us the opportunity to become a contributor for them we were blown away. I read Inman everyday, and to be asked to write for a magazine that I highly respect is not something that I take lightly. It is definitely an honor.”

Finding the time to actually write the content, however, proved to be a bit more challenging. “My wife and I just had a baby girl 8 months ago,” Andrew says with a smile. “That, plus pulling 14 hour days at the office doesn’t leave a whole lot of time for anything else. But we thought this was such an awesome opportunity that we got dedicated to moving our calendars around a little bit to ensure we could make things work. Next thing you know, add a little more coffee, a few less hours of sleep, and boom! We’re writing for Inman!” he says with a laugh.

But with his plate already overflowing with the business of running growing real estate firm and taking care of his family, we wondered why Andrew would want to take on even more and become a regular contributor for Inman. “We live in an age where people know the difference between good content and something that was just tossed together in the spare minutes between meetings,” says Andrew, ”and readers have come to expect content that is not just good but great! I think we have some unique insights that will hopefully allow us to deliver something really interesting to the Inman audience.”

An extensive career in real estate investments and property management is what most people would assume drew Inman to Lofty, but Andrew sees it another way. “Myself and my team have decades of experience finding and managing real estate investments,” he says. “But that isn’t why I think people will love what we’ll write. We are a young, forward thinking team, that stays on the cutting edge of everything going on in the real estate and technology industries. We also live and work in those industries every single day at a very intense level. That unique blend should hopefully make for some exciting reading for Inman’s subscribers!”

We will certainly find out soon. Andrew and his team at Lofty have already contributed to Inman Local in Chicago. Keep up on their latest articles here and if you’re looking property management or investment services in Chicago, definitely check out Andrew and his team here.

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