Bvena Onda Creator Launches Kickstarter Campaign

The creator of Bvena Onda, a line of ready-to-go hand luggage, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for production.

Graziano Castelli, the creator of the Bvena Onda line of quality hand luggage, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the production of the product.  Less than 6 kilograms for the Trolley Comfort Plus, the collection’s largest piece, this luggage is light, durable and attractive.  The Kickstarter campaign will raise funds to promote and distribute all of the pieces in this line.

Buena Onda Ama.  Vivi. Osa. is the book giving the story of the creator and the brand. Bvena Onda’s “Ama” or “Love” piece has been available on Amazon since September 2015 and has met with a positive reception.  Next to be released is “Vivi” or “Live,” and “Osa” or “Dare” between the present and 2017.  The project was based on the needs of travelers who circle the globe, sometimes losing luggage along the way, and features easy-to-find suitcases that are small and light enough to be carried anywhere.  This luggage can also be of benefit to those with sight challenges, due to the addition of easy-to-use logos to every survival kit.

By creating a suitcase that weighs as little as possible, this luggage still allows users to pack as much as possible into each piece.  By dividing travel into moments that have been associated with the uses of the suitcases, this line was born and creates vast amounts of usable space for the conscious packer.  Each piece has a connection for the primary elements like fire, earth, water, air, and light. Each suitcase is zoned into areas for elements of travel:  home, city, beach, lounge, sunset and others, each designed to hold travel garments for all aspects of a trip.  Each of these zones holds the perfect clothing and items for every hour of the day.  Trolley Comfort Plus, for example, holds enough to create more than 400 different outfits.

The Kickstarter campaign, located at, offers pledge levels from Fr1 to Fr5,000, with prizes including t-shirts, sleep shirts, scarves and other fashion-forward clothing as well as Bvena Onda suitcases.

For more information on the specific prizes associated with each pledge level, see the Kickstarter page.

About Bvena Onda:

Bvena Onda is a company dedicated to creating the best in travel luggage with zones for each days’ activities in a durable, well-constructed piece.  Now, the creator of this line of quality travel luggage has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise production and distribution funds.

Media Contact
Company Name: BVENA ONDA Sagl
Contact Person: Graziano Castelli
Phone: +41766931391
City: Lugano
State: Ticino
Country: Switzerland