THE World’s Leading Hair Transplant Surgeon Dr. Ray Woods Has Seen An Increase In American and other International Clients Travel To His Sydney Hair Transplant Clinic

Dr. Ray Woods is the most experienced and leading hair transplant surgeon in the world, and as such he welcomes clients from all over the world. In recent months, he has seen a huge increase in the number of international and American clients who have travelled to his Sydney Hair Transplant Clinic to receive treatment for hair loss.

A Sydney Hair Transplant Clinic led by the world’s leading hair transplant surgeon Dr Ray Woods is pleased to announce he has seen a huge increase in the number of men from America visit his clinic for hair loss treatment. Not only does this show the reputation of Dr Ray Woods, but it also puts Sydney on the map as a leading force in helping people with hair loss problems.
Dr. Woods invented the FUE and Body Hair procedures to help people with their balding problem. This FUE procedure was invented in 1989 and has helped men and women all over the world regain their hair. It has received worldwide media attention and with 25 years of experience, Dr Woods has VERIFIABLY and INDIVIDUALLY performed more FUE procedures than any other doctor in the world.
In the US 50 million men suffer from hair loss.  When a man loses his hair, he can also lose his confidence. According to reports, the loss of hair is one of the main reasons why men start to lose their confidence with some single men turning their backs on the dating market. That is why each year men spend thousands of dollars on different types of products trying to regain their hair with no real results. 
Dr. Woods said:  “The loss of hair is a natural process, but, unfortunately, that process does result in a lot of men losing their confidence. They feel that other people look at them differently, which includes the opposite sex. Through the use of the FUE procedure, I can help men regain their hair and their confidence.”
The Sydney hair transplant clinic is no stranger to receiving visitors from all over the world. But this year has seen a huge increase in the number of clients come from America. According to Dr. Woods, the increase has resulted in the number of referrals he has received from happy patients who were overjoyed at the positive results they received.
Dr. Woods offers a number of services to help men who have lost or are losing their hair; they include: 
FUE Hair Transplant
Body Hair Transplant or BHT  that was devised by Dr Ray Woods in 1998
Repair of Misplaced Hair Plugs
Repair of Destructive FUE, i.e., ‘Production Line FUE.’
Micro-surgical skin grafting to damaged & misplaced hairlines
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About Dr. Woods

Dr. Ray Woods graduated from Sydney University Medical School in 1982. He had wide experience in many areas of medicine including Neurosurgery, Obstetrics, and Internal Medicine, trauma, skin cancer surgery and cosmetic Dermatological surgery.

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