Ethanol Fireplace Pros Reports Spike In Sales As Winter Starts To Bite

Ethanol Fireplace Pros has increased their stock following the biggest increase in sales in the last five years as the winter months inspire people to think differently about fireplaces.

The hearth has a preternatural connection to safety and security. Since the earliest civilizations, the fire has represented safety, mastery and community, and there is nothing better in winter than having the family gather around a warm fire. Traditional coal fires have fallen out of fashion and many homes are ill equipped to house them, but people still want that same feeling of warmth and light and comfort. Ethanol Fireplace Pros makes that possible with free standing, smokeless, ventless fireplaces. They are now experiencing the biggest spike in sales in five years as their products become more popular than ever.

The reason for their increased popularity seems obvious: their fireplaces can be placed anywhere within the home, come in a wide range of different styles and designs, and are replete with a catalog of different accessories. They are able to look as contemporary or classical as the homeowner wants.

In response to the spike in demand, Ethanol Fireplace Pros has brought forward some amazing new designs of free standing, wall mounted and tabletop fireplaces together with ethanol fireplace burners and more. The items will help families embrace the timeless traditions of the holiday season, giving them the fire they’re looking for without the soot, maintenance and smoke. 

A spokesperson for Ethanol Fireplace Pros explained, “We are thrilled to see that the ethanol fireplace is catching on as never before among members of the public. Until now, commercial venues have been some of our biggest customers, as they create innovative internal spaces that defy convention and create conversations. Now however, individual homeowners are seeing the value in these products, and are coming to the site in scores to get what they’re looking for. Our only advice is to order as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. We look forward to helping homes regain their hearths in the coming year.”

About Ethanol Fireplace Pros

Ethanol Fireplace Pros is the leading online retailer of all things Ethanol. They are a division of and offer wall, floor and table top ethanol fireplaces for the home, office and commercial buildings. These smokeless and ventless fires increase in popularity every year thanks to stunning design innovations. 

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