C.T.S Technology Introduces Anti-Drone System to Provide Protection against Remote Controlled Drones

The engineers of C.T.S Technology have designed a user-friendly and easily manageable Drone Jammer that can provide an effective protection against drones, trying to interfere with the safety, security and privacy of military installations.

Technology has very much entered into the human space and drones are remotely controlled devices, designed to interfere with people’s safety, security and privacy. These drones can be used for spying and could also prove a security threat for the military installations. Taking note of these drones’ unnecessary interference in one’s life, the engineers of C.T.S Technology came forward to develop an Anti-drone system that can serve as an effective protection against the drones. The system is user-friendly and one can easily operate and manage it to jam drones, trying to invade into one’s individual space.

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According to one of the engineers of the company, the Drone Jammer comes with a Tactical Hand Control Unit, so that one can use it as a stationary or portable jammer and can be used on vehicles as well. With a set of accessories, the jammer allows a flexible working mechanism for anyone to neutralize a drone’s movement within a given geographical area. The engineer reveals that the drone jamming system has been designed with simple operation and deployment features for people to obstruct drones from entering into a restricted area.

In view of the recent threats from terrorists and other vested interests, it has become important to protect buildings and military installations from drones that could be designed to trigger explosion and attacks. In such a scenario, a Drone Killer could be an effective device to protect the mankind from unmanned aerial vehicles. The jammer blocker from C.T.S Technology may come with custom design options that can precisely meet the security and safety needs of the military and defense organizations. With a module selection feature, one can find the jammer more suitable to operate in different conditions and block the drones.

Anti-drone system

The company develops a range of jamming solutions for blocking drones and mobile phone signals to ensure safety and security of the mankind. The Drone Jamming System is available in manapack configuration with a weight of 13 kg to 19 kg without a battery. The system comes with a long battery life to keep functioning for long hours and block the unnecessary movement of unwanted drones.

To learn more about the jammer and its specifications, one may visit the website http://ctstechnologys.com/

About C.T.S Technology Co., Limited

C.T.S designs and manufactures innovative solutions for the jamming of wireless communications and unmanned aerial vehicle for the counter-terrorism, security and defense industries. The company unveiled its sophisticated anti-drone system during the recent Defense and Security Equipment International exhibition in Paris. Three years in the making, the Drone killer provides protection from both mini- and micro-sized unmanned aircraft systems. It was designed for a military customer looking to protect soldiers, convoys, and bases from the evolving threat of weaponized drones. The system has an attack capability that allows the user to disrupt the drone using jamming technology, or even hijack the controls to reroute it away from a target.

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