In SEI Club Reviews Members Say That They Find Deeper Connections

SEI Club reviews share feedback about the matchmaking and dating club’s screening and in-depth matching process.

LOS ANGELES, CA  – Dec 22, 2015 – For members of SEI Club, an exclusive dating service, one of the best parts of the membership is the deep connections they form with their matches.

Because the service screens each applicant personally, it ensures that its members only meet people with whom they’ll want to form relationships, an SEI Club spokesperson said.

“We work to filter out the unsuitable matches so our members don’t have to,” the spokesperson said. “That way every date our members go on can potentially be the start of something special.”

The screening process looks at the applicant’s success, but also evaluates character and values. The service’s executive team asks questions about dating preferences and relationship goals. Members say that makes for a better experience all around.

A woman member wrote a positive review of SEI Club where she shared her success story. She mentioned that as a fashion model, men are always hitting on her – but unfortunately not the right kind of guys who would actually care for her and want a meaningful relationship with her. She mentioned that through SEI Club she found her perfect partner… someone who cares for her… and he is someone  she completely enjoys being with in every way.

Another member raved about the women he’s met so far through SEI Club in SEI Club reviews. “So far everyone I’ve met is fantastic,” he wrote. “The women are beautiful, have real accomplishments, and they are actually nice people, sincere, authentic, polished.”

Those stories aren’t unique, a company spokesperson said:

“All of our members have positive, ultimately successful experiences. We carefully match everyone according to their particular preferences regarding what they’re looking for in a dating experience or relationship and how they generally spend their time – mainly their personal lifestyle preferences.”

There is no shortage of satisfied members. In SEI Club reviews male member’s mention how they have found exactly what they were looking for through the club’s service.

One male member mentioned that he feels incredibly lucky to have met his match through the club. He said that she is everything he was looking for…intelligent, beautiful, and has a great personality. Another male member mentioned that the women he met were accomplished, kind and well-adjusted in every way.

Women members are equally happy with their experiences. Says one woman: “He is tall, dark, and handsome. He is funny, successful, and so very cute. Thank you so much for introducing us.”

Another member mentioned that it was difficult to find suitable dates after her divorce. She had accomplished a lot since she had met her first husband, and she had grown a lot since then too. After joining SEI Club she found that she finally began meeting the right men again… men who were also successful and evolved. Who understood her and were really great dating partners and matches in every way.

As a private members club that accepts anywhere from 20-35% of applicants, research shows that most SEI Club reviews are positive. The club has several forums and does not hold back in sharing member feedback and reviews.

As many of the club’s members are fairly well-known in their fields, reviews are shared whilst still preserving member privacy. “We are happy to share positive experiences with other members so they know what to expect. We do not publish anything without a given members permission. Often, we are more concerned about their privacy than they are.”

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About SEI Club:

SEI Club is a private, members club that offers matchmaking and dating services. They are international with members in most major US and European cities. They recently expanded to Asia as well. SEI Club members are positive, well-off, evolved gentlemen and women who are looking for a spectacular matchmaking and dating experience that is the absolute most exclusive available. More information including a membership application can be found at the SEI Club website.

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