Best Christmas Gift Case For Iphone 6/6s Plus

Dec 22, 2015 – The times of carrying a bulky wallet, a phone and notes have been long gone. Ever since the era of technology kicked in,we have seen smartphones as our mediums for connecting, communicating and sharing information. But does a smartphone need to be a smartphone only? With the newest iPhone 6 and 6s leather case, the whole aspect of having a phone in your pocket has been redefined. How?

2015 Best Case For iPhone 6 And 6 Plus

The new Apple models – iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have needed a case that will make the grip, comfort and overall design look amazingly well.  And that is how our iPhone 6/6s leather case works – it sums up a wallet, a business card holder and a smartphone protective cover  in a simple and elegant case. How does holding your wallet, cardholder and phone when talking sound to you? For us, it sounds like the most protective treat you can  give to your information and always be sure of having everything with you. The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus leather wallet case works on the same principle. Featuring the same design, only adapted a few millimeters  to make sure that the fit is completely precise, this iPhone leather case allows you to have your money and credit cards always near.

The Ultimate Space-Saving Case – iPhone 6/6s/6 Plus/6s Plus Leather Case

If you hate carrying all your belongings in a mini purse, or are not comfortable with having your phone and big wallet in your pockets, then this iPhone leather case is the one you need! Saving you space while making everything easier to pull off and use, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus leather case has been known as the  best iPhone leather wallet case in 2015! And that does not surprise us!

Usability And Design – iPhone 6s and 6s Plus Wallet Leather Case

After long time of researching the marketplace, adapting our cfreative solution to the newest iPhone models and putting  the need of a space-saving leather case in practice, the team has come up with an original design,  supported by a special product development team. That being said, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus leather wallet case has been a solution designed not only to fit the phone   and protect it – but also bring a purpose to the life of every iPhone user. The iPhone 6 Plus case 5.5 zips up the phone to another meaning – and features a pull-tab with which you can easily access your money, credit cards or phone for making  that next call or sending a text message.  

Is there an easier way to pull out your money and cards than an iPhone leather wallet case?

We don’t think there is. Made to easy fit in any pocket, purse or handbag, the iPhone 6 and 6s leather wallet case brings  a whole new purpose of saving space and using your belongings along with your iPhone – in the most practical way possible. Should we speak more or let the reviews speak for themselves? Here is one that sums up all the glory, originality and design of the 2015 leather wallet iPhone case. “This leather soft TPU case for IPhone 6 plus was instantly intrigued me for the function of card holder at the back, I can’t imagine how the 3 cards fit and how can I pull out easily, but when I got it this case, YES this is truly one of kind  and unique features of this case, I tried the 3 cards it is indeed a good fit and no complains of pulling out because it has  a gross gain ribbon that help a lot. When I ordered this case it says Minty green but when I saw this is not, to be exact this really TIFFANY BLUE my favorite color, I’m so happy for it.”


• Easily attached and detached
• Can hold 3 cards as well
• High quality of soft TPU material + slim leather
• Workmanship is very good
• Easy to pull out cards
• Perfectly fit for my IPhone 6 plus
• Affordable 12.99 USD

Elegant, classy and amazingly useful – or in other words, a case that any iPhone deserves!

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