RamFit Announces Launch of RamCarver Ab Roller Wheel for Effective Home Abdominal Training

Having flat, firm and defined abs is a dream for a large number of people. Fitness equipment brand RamFit recently announced the launch of their new RamCarver Ab Roller Wheel to help those dreams become a reality. Along with a smart diet and fat burning exercise, the RamCarver can be a game change.

Dec 22, 2015 – Fitness experts are in broad agreement that, the most common ab exercises like situps and crunches, are among the least effective when it comes to building a flat and defined midsection.  Stepping up to deliver a solution to this problem is the innovative fitness brand RamFit with their recent release of the RamCarver Ab Roller Wheel.  Customers have responded with enthusiasm. 

“We saw a real need for an effective, affordable device to help train abs at home and that’s exactly what we are delivering in the RamCarver Ab Roller Wheel,” commented a spokesperson from the company.  “The RamCarver is built to the highest standards and not one of the cheaply made ab wheels that have left people unimpressed.  Our mission is to exceed expectations with each and every sale.  See what RamCarver can do for you.  See what you can do!”

According to RamFit, the RamCarver features and extra wide design for easier balance and control, along with ergonomic handles for added comfort.  The fitness product is even packaged with cushioned knee pads for even more comfortable use.

Feedback for shoppers has been positive across the board.

J.C., from California, recentl said in a five star review, “This is a superior product that is unique to other ab wheels on the market. It is effective, comfortable, and durable.”

For more information be sure to visit http://www.ramcarver.com

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