Ivacy VPN Unveils 85% Christmas Discountto Celebrate the Season & Raise Awareness amongst P2P Users

IvacyVPN has announced an 85% Christmas Discount to help P2P and Torrent users combat the increasing threats from cybercrime and unwarranted surveillance, and reclaim their online freedom.

HONK KONG – Dec 22, 2015 – A recent joint study by the US based Digital Citizens Alliance and RiskIQ, has confirmed that a third of torrent websites are engaged in the active collection and selling of user data. Ivacy, having rapidly gained popularity after its re-launch, has been providing security and anonymity to P2P users with a vigilant eye on the malware riddled torrent industry’s data theft and reselling activities. Relief comes in the form of Ivacy VPN’s seasonal discount and deals, Christmas deal in particular, that continue to make Ivacy the number one choice for P2P users around the world.

The 85% Christmas VPN discount on the Ivacy VPN’s Annual subscription plan makes the VPN service available for just $1.83 per month. Thediscount comes as part of Ivacy’s initiative to contribute to the safety and privacy of torrent users at a time when torrent websites are making more than $70 million by infecting computers through malicious adware and drive-by malware that is not click reliant.

A report published by UK based MIDiA Research confirmed that North American netizens alone tend to share 1.8 billion music CDs via P2P per month, with the percentage expected to increase exponentially in the next few years. At the same time, Ivacy’s statistics have shown that P2P activity spikes around Christmas with users looking for new content to celebrate the season. These factors, combined with the seeminglyunrestrainable growth in cybercrime, make it imperative for P2P and torrent users to realize the intensity of the situation and opt for the best Torrent VPN.

“With the need of anonymous downloading and open source downloading on the rise amongst the torrent users, Ivacy VPN aims to promote a culture of online freedom, without compromising on individual’s online privacy,” said Saad, Director of Product Development Ivacy VPN. “As an advocate of online privacy, Ivacy VPN strives to provide its users with services, second to none, ensuring that their identity and credibility remains intact,” he further added.

Having specialized in the provision of security and encryption standards required to secure P2P activity, InfoSec experts at Ivacy hope that the Christmas discount will help raise awareness, about the need for identity protection and data integrity, amongst P2P users.

Ivacy VPN is a front-runner in providing flawless Torrenting experience with top notch speed and optimized server performance. With a user-centric service delivery philosophy, the premium VPN service has grown rapidly through an expanding pool of satisfied users – by providing convenient, one-stop solutions to their issues related to online privacy, and security.

P2P and torrent users across the globe are encouraged to refrain from engaging in file sharing activity without VPN coverage. Ivacy’s 85% Christmas discount is a spectacular limited time offer for the security enthusiasts and people concerned about their torrenting activities.With the rapid number of increasing torrent users all over the world, different VPNs are coming up with their own version of Torrent Specific VPNs; but in this race to providing the best torrent VPN service, Ivacy has emerged as a strong contender for the throne of the best vpn for torrenting.

About Ivacy

Ivacy VPN is a Hong Kong based entity, striving to provide convenience to its users by introducing user-centric services. As an advocate of online privacy, the organization believes in total internet freedom, without compromising on privacy and security. A dynamic combination of functionality and stability is the enshrined working philosophy that drives the VPN service.

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