A New Travel App Called World City Guide Launched To Help Travelers Find Local Amenities And Tourist Spots

World City Guide is a free app that helps people on vacation or moving to a new area find all the local amenities. The app can find everything from the local hospitals, shopping centres, tourist spots, bars, to clothing shops. The app is available on Google Play and requires 4.0.3 and up.

Google Play is pleased to announce a new travel app has been launched on their platform. The World City Guide provides a traveller or someone moving to a new area with all the information they need on the locations of local amenities.

The World City Guide allows a traveler to throw away all their travel guides, phone books and contact details. The app, which is free to download provides the traveler with all the information they need about any location in the world. It provides the locations, contact details and even reviews on restaurants, hotels, entertainment venues, shops, and taxi services. The app has been heavily reviewed and received positive reviews from professional reviewers, and many users have called it the traveler’s bible.

The traveler’s app not only provides full contact details and reviews, but it also allows the user to tap on the contact number and speak to the chosen venue of their choice. One of the important features on the app is the ability to provide directions. For people not knowing the area, and requiring a local recommended restaurant, the World City Guide app will provide instructions to the location of the restaurant.

A spokesman for World City Guide said: “We wanted to come up with an app that would allow the traveler to get rid of all their travelers’ guides. Carrying around bulky guides and leaflets with information on local facilities can be problematic. With our app, it provides the traveler with all the information they need while on vacation.”

The app, which is user-friendly and very easy to use is also helpful for people moving to a new area. The app gives them the ability to find local facilities quickly, which includes airports, hospitals, eating establishments and also shops. The user manual search function allows people to search for anything they want within the area they are in, and they can make a favorite list.

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About World City Guide

The World City Guide app provides a traveller with all the information they need to find facilities in their location anywhere in the world.

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