Understanding what it takes to Repair Sewer Lines

At New Flow Plumbing we make sure that this understanding is reflected in the quality workmanship of our projects.

Fixing sewer lines is something that requires a thorough understanding of the inherent properties and unique characteristics of plumbing and sewer systems. While many of you may think that it is as easy as digging a hole, excavating the problematic pipe, replacing it with a new one, and then covering it all up again, you are wrong. There is simply more to managing and fixing damaged sewer lines than a simple dig and replace methodology.

At New Flow Plumbing we make sure that this understanding is reflected in the quality workmanship of our projects.

Having a busted sewer line can create a lot of problems for many homeowners. The sewer issues can range from subtle nuisances to absolutely problematic health concerns. Just imagine if you are about to use the toilet and you cannot even find the courage to enter because of the odor emanating from down under. If that is already nightmarish for you, leaving it unmanaged can lead to potentially more serious health problems. Damaged sewer lines can give off noxious fumes of sulphuric gases into the atmosphere. This can severely irritate the airway passages leading to a host of respiratory problems. The stink itself can put off any visitor you may have at home. So it is always recommended that a true professional be called in order to fix the problem.

Determining the cause of the sewer problem requires meticulous assessments that can include thorough inspection of all sewer line joints as well as the entire length of the pipeline. Many Los Angeles homes have sewage systems that can be accessed through manholes and other access ports which can be used. In other homes, the entire sewer system might be located below their basement ceiling. This renders it accessible and easier to repair. However, if the problematic sewer line happens to be buried on the ground or embedded into the concrete wall of the house, then heavier equipment will be required from your sewer contractor.

And this is something that New Flow Plumbing is prepared for. Our team of experts always performs their tasks with a complete array of tools necessary to complete the job. Not only are the tools complete, they are also top of the line and are of the latest technology so that any sewer problem can be solved efficiently and effectively. Repairing the sewage system requires you to have the correct set of tools in order to perform your work. Without these tools, it will be nothing less than fool-hardy to even attempt fixing something that you are not truly capable of.

Now in fixing broken sewage pipes, there is a technology that is worth considering. The idea of pipe relining as a sewer line repair technology is to insert a very thin yet highly durable material that will line the inner wall of the sewer pipe. This is cured in order to ensure complete adhesion of the lining to the inner surface of the pipe. This way, you can still use your pipe for an extended period of time without replacing the entire length of sewer pipe.

So, while you may think that you have the right competencies to perform the repair yourself, nobody does it better than the professionals at New Flow Plumbing in Van Nuys CA.

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