Gallus Detox Centers Announces Three Day Alcohol Detox Program

Gallus Detox Centers is now offering a three day alcohol detox programs to individuals who need to get their life back quickly.

PHOENIX, AZ – Dec 23, 2015 – Gallus Detox Centers is proud to announce a new three day alcohol detox program available at all three medical detox locations. The new program is designed for busy executives, and individuals who do not have the time in their schedule to commit to a long detox period. The average length of stay at Gallus Detox Centers is five days. The detox process typically differs in length depending on the type of substance the person was using and the condition they are in when they arrive at detox. 

The need for a quicker detox comes from patient frustrations of the length of other detox programs. Some detox programs without medical intervention take weeks to complete. However, a stay at Gallus Detox Centers typically take between three to seven days depending on substance type. This is because of the company’s proprietary medical formula, which allows patients to quickly and comfortably detox through intravenous based therapy. Alcohol detox preformed at Gallus Detox Centers usually takes three to five days to complete, while opiates average around a five day stay at the center. The company currently has three detox locations, two in Arizona and one in Texas.

Dr. Patrick Gallus, founder of Gallus Detox Centers understands that some people may be confused about the length of a detox commitment. “Over the past few years I’ve talked to many patients who have either delayed detox or put it off longer than they should have because they thought it would be a 30 day commitment. Due to the medical nature of our detox programs, we can help a patient detox from alcohol completely after only three days. We provide a safe, effective detox over the course of a weekend. I’m proud to be able to offer this service to substance users that have been struggling for years.” 

Gallus Detox Centers delivers unsurpassed care for those in need of alcohol or drug detoxification. Through the use of intravenous medication, cardiac monitoring and 24-hour video monitoring. The original Gallus Detox Center was established in March of 2011 in Prescott, Arizona and continues to be the leading detox center in the nation.

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